politics and super

Buy a home – use your superannuation to make up the deposit – what a crazy idea. Yes I agree with letter writers and Paul Keating.
I can envisage the time a couple has a home procured with a bare deposit made up of the couple’s superannuation – not much if they are both young. Time passes and the mortgage gets harder and harder to manage with Sydney’s high house prices/high cost of living even with the deposit (5% or 10%) paid and then comes a time they can’t manage it any longer. Perhaps there is a loss of job, a baby and so one only income.
More time passes as time is wont to do and they arrive at retirement age with what – no house which was sold up on them, no superannuation instead of the super they had counted on. And what do you think all those greedy developers will do out there when they realise there is another idea they can milk.
What a crazy idea. Think of something else all you wonderful thinkers!


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