questionable decisions – councils

Have we gone mad? Needing green space/green lungs in the inner west and more open areas for people as well as sporting grounds, and Strathfield Council will – or intends to build – a Korean cultural centre on sporting fields in Homebush.
Did they consult? Did the electorate know? Is this land public land? Who owns public land? And what was wrong with the original site suggested on an unused hill at the northern end of Bressington Park in Homebush but has been shifted without consultation onto fields reportedly consuming up to five cricket fields.
Who is on this Council? Who has affiliations with the Korean Community? Who has received funding from whom? The questions are endless. And what will the Minister for Local Government do about this and when will something be done about councils taking over public land that was originally intended for and now is used for open spaces? And when will there be enquiries into Councils after the amount of questionable dealings we have seen lately…and when will we see the end of money for sporting fields?


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