The Ethics furore

People are getting their knickers in a knot – again – about the teaching of ethics in schools, so will someone please enlighten me…what is ethics based on?..Is the subject “ethics” based on the 10 Commandments – the basis of just about all morality rules in the Judeo-Christian world to enable people to “live harmoniously in this troubled world” – if they follow the rules.
I don’t think the subject matter can stand alone, it needs a basis – so is the basis for “ethics” the 10 Commandments, or the Koran, or Sharia law, or what?? Pray tell me (oops sorry! Is “pray” a religious word).
It might help those proponents of ethics to actually read and understand the “10 Commandments” the most comprehensive set of rules for humankind… and “Bless you” for your patience (sorry, it just slipped out)… and it would help if all the hysterics went out of the discussion.


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