Diana – R.I.P.

“Thrice the worry: etc.” And congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of another Royal but heavens above! Could we lay off the constant references to Diana – now dead for 20 years.
On commercial TV there was the usual schmaltz and it was with relief that I noted that the ABC refrained from referring to Diana as the model for the young Royals.
But in today’s SMH 25 April,  there it is again – a piece on “Duchess channels Diana on red carpet”.   Does anyone really believe that Kate came to after giving birth, and asked William to bring her a red outfit – like Diana’s, to wear home?
Kate appears to be a confident, cool, happy in her own skin person and I really don’t think she is channelling a dead mother-in-law she never knew.
Come on, media, it’s time to let Diana RIP – I am sure that I am not the only person tired of the sloppy, lazy media references.



Can someone please tell me why we spent $100,000,000 on a WW1 memorial – in FRANCE – for God’s sake commemorating WW1 – 100 years ago.   It is not obviously for Australian tourists – the few who will bother to go to yet another battlefield (figures released estimate 100,000 this year and how many thereafter ?); it’s not for the French – they live there.
Why do we (Australia) have to go over the top every time? Is it to prove that we can?   Have NZ or Canada built a multi-million dollaar WW1 memorial on the Western Front?   For heavens sake please tell me that there is a real reason why we spent one hundred million dollars on a building in the countryside of France… to commemorate a war one hundred years ago… or will there be some glory-hunting politician seeking to build memorial buildings for WW2 (perhaps in North Africa?) or New Guinea – or let’s go the whole way – Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. etc.

School funding – again

What a lot for my mind to digest (Funding gap leaves public schools with 30% shortfall – SMH 12 April) but I think I have arrived at a kernel of truth in the mass of figures: Govt funding represented 96% of the total net recurrent income of public schools and 80%   of the net income of Catholic schools in 2016 but only 45% of total income of private schools. In 2016 the state’s private schools raised nearly $11,000 a student from fees, charges, contributions and other private sources on top of their total govt funding of $9054 a student.
Does this sound right, Paliavi Singhal, writer of the article?

The Royal Commission

What hypocrites the Govt is.  Headlines such as AMP misconduct and lies exposed following similar findings  about CBA, and the other big four banks – and will probably be the case when this Royal Commission  gets onto other branches of the money industries.  And the Liberal-led government has the nerve to castigate Unionists as thugs and worse…and had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this Royal Commission. Union crimes are open and their dress is workman’s clothing and that is the main difference I can see between these businessmen and unionists.


Stop road deaths with truck rules: .   Does anyone really think that the proposal by trucking giant Toll to have more rules, etc. will stop road deaths – perhaps a suggestion dictated by the bottom line, no doubt.
This problem rears its ugly head every so often and the real answer of course, is to take trucks off the road but these trucks are a small business for the drivers and their future super.   So…open up the railway lines to freight – remember when you could put something on the train at night and tomorrow morning it was at its destination.
Return the main stations (Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange, etc. etc) to activity.
Franchise out each station and environs to an owner/driver with an assured area to service from their franchised station.
The franchisee would live in the serviced area – his family would move to their area; with more schools and shops needed;  the owner/driver would employ people as his freight expanded; the district would acquire new families/drivers – AND many trucks would be off the main road and owners would not be working to impossible time schedules.
And don’t forget that these bigger towns would become even bigger – a result governments have tried to cope with over many years


It is indeed a truism that if you repeat something often enough, it will be believed as a fact (see political slogans).
And so it is with the idea that the Monarchy confers stability on the UK and even on us (Peter Waterhouse, Vic, 4 April).   Strange that nobody suggests the same about the Governor-General or the State Governors, who have over time shown that stability is not conferred by Vice-Regal presence.
Do any of these apologists ever think that it is our own stable institutions, laws and regulations and our own stability that confer this on us?  Think – Global Financial Crisis (GFC) when we held our own by virtue of our stability – OUR stability – while most of the world financial institutions floundered.