The ABC  is an indulgence we can no longer afford – Harry Stutchbury wrecks all his arguments (Opinion 19 June) when he uses as part of his arguments – Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Telstra…add in posts and wires, The Powerhouse and all the other assets privatised supposedly in our favour.  Harry, surely you don’t really think that we the taxpayer gained from any government privatisation in these asset sales now or in the future…. or do you still believe in (the juvenile myth) fairies at the bottom of the garden?  Harry – grow up!


For how long do the politicians pay

If Bill Shorten can be held accountable for pre-Parliament Union matters (he entered Parliament 2007) can the same apply to Malcolm for the disasters of the banking system, where he was a luminary (he entered Parliament 2004).  And while we are at it – how about the problems of the NAB now that Mike Baird is a senior Executive?
Just a thought – was this why the PM did not want to have a Royal Commission?

Pauline – for once right

I wouldn’t vote for Pauline Hanson in a “month of Sundays” (old expression) but in one quote I do agree with her:  Why is the taxpayer paying for the Royal Commission into Banks and Financial Establishments?  Why aren’t they – the Banks and Financial sector – paying for the Royal Commission?  And if they can be made to pay it could give a lead for future Royal Commissions.


Regarding a Recent Letter to the Editor SMH – from Elizabeth Stone’s letter 22 May, (Truth about brumbies) I would like information from scientists about the value of hard-hooved animals in the Snowy Mountains.
Reading about the evolution of North America (Tim Flannery) mention was made of the annual migration of hard-hooved (buffalo) animals across the plains of North America and the resultant breaking up of the soil. This break-up in turn was “manured” by the millions of buffalo crossing and consequently North America has a much better top soil than we in Australia where our animals have been soft-hooved.
Does this theory stand up with today’s scientists? Perhaps this could influence the keeping or otherwise of brumbies in the Snowy Mountain National Park. Discuss???

Mayoral medieval get-up

Is there some reason not obvious to the person in the street, for mayors of councils to wear and prance around in the most elaborate of medieval costumes worthy of a comic opera.
I do notice that even the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition do not wear such outlandish gear – why do Mayors?  Do they really hanker to be British Mayors in medieval towns


Paul Lau – Letters 11 May SMH, is “baffled … back burnings do not effectively control fierce bushfires”.
Don’t be baffled Paul – leave the job of protecting us and our properties to the experts – I will.  Incidentally Paul, bushfires are burning in SW of West Australia – there seems to be no season for them and so – we can expect back-burning often.
By the way Paul, what are your qualifications to answer our bushfire needs or is it only the tourists you worry about.

The Royal Commission

CBAs scorecard horrifying but not totally unexpected – Adele Ferguson 2 May. And I trust Adele that you will be one of the reporters trying to get to the truth from all the banks, financial institutions, etc.
I agree that ignoring some of the past and present directors and executives in the various institutions need to be called to account…not just CBA and AMP.
So we will wait and see – after all the Government did not want to have this Royal Commission and by extension – did not want to know about the position in all the financial institutions.