What a wonderful thrill for Sydney siders – The Everest. Hundreds of diamonds on two (not one) prizes for the first and second horses. ..in the $10m race – The Everest. Actually it sounds like a dream that could have come out of a Sydney electorate (Mehajer-land) but my question is simply – “why The Everest”? Couldn’t Peter V’landys think of something/anything more Australian or is it a salute to the multi-billionaire horse owners of India?


People speaking for a majority of people – unasked

Just who is Todd Greenberg to foist his opinions on the 80,000+ fans of Rugby League last weekend plus the viewers of TV. He is a paid employee of the Rugby League   organisation and like Qantas’ CEO and others he is using his organisation to advance his own ideas. Did he ask the fans who went to the game? Did he ask the sponsors who paid  for the game? Did he ask each and every player and supporting staff what they wanted? No!   He made a decision based solely on his own feelings…and forcing – no bullying, people who just want to go to a game of football.
If I had been at the game I would have taken the opportunity to express my views by remaining seated and turning my back on this impertinent, imported American with his bawdy piece of “music”… as I did years ago when someone played the English Anthem at a private function.
I would hope that in the future others will have the guts to show their feelings at games and teach Greenberg that he is just a paid employee and not the be all and end all of the great game of Rugby League.


Typically Alex Blackwell (Peter FitzSimons – what they said 23 Sept) thinks every movement started and stopped with her generation.   Try telling that to those in the 60s who had to fight for bank/building society loans; tell that to counter staff who suggested that I get a signature from a son for a store account, I was helping him through University (my reply was NO followed by a letter to the Managing Director of the firm); tell that to a person in the 60s applying for a new position only to be told when giving the name of MY school , “that position was filled”; tell that to a person refused a housing loan because of responsibilities (two sons)…and no discrimination laws then to help.
Alex Blackwell just stop and think: Who did the preparatory work so that you could even think of pressing your case for proper pay and inclusion? Who did the hard yards so that you may write the drivel expressed in your FitzSimon column? Who wrote letters ad infinitum to rectify a situation? Who helped change the position of women needing a guarantor?
It didn’t happen overnight – it happened a couple of generations ago and was the result of work by the agitators then – not now.


Such interesting figures George Williams (Maybe it’s time to end the parliamentary prayer in this secular nation – SMH 25 Sept) but in the interests of fairness I suggest the following: Show us a ledger page with your views and particularly your figures on one side of the ledger and on the other side show the amazing increase in mental illness both in infants and older in our increasingly secular society. You could include on this page figures (you are so good at figures) on the amazing incidence of drug taking. And when you have done this bring your undoubted intelligence to bear and explain if there is any relationship between disbelief in an overseeing Deity (whether God, Allah, etc.) and the increasing lack of self confidence, the need to take drugs, young people’s suicide, and perhaps you could reflect on the Fall of the Roman Empire as it became increasingly secular. Maybe then I can say “God help us” or any one of the many expressions that people use unthinkingly.


“Samsung scion fights back tears as prosecutors seek 12 years”   for wrong-doing. Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Korean/Japanese books and really hit corporate wrong-doers with hefty time in gaol plus fines when they “wrong-do” instead a smack with a feather and “don’t do it again”.   Maybe then our papers wouldn’t be full of cases of board members in both corporate/sporting areas rorting the system – AND getting away with it..
And don’t forget wrong-doing politicians.


What a dramatic picture of a bushfire/firefighter Sun Herald 13 Aug.  Which leads to questioning what we will require in the way of water resources with a very hot dry summer ahead.
And of course – has anyone heard anything about our expensive de-sal plant on Botany Bay?  Is it working?  Is it being regularly turned on to keep it active for the troubles ahead?
Will anyone tell us?

Diana – eternally

For Heavens sake! “By the woman behind her style” and so it goes on in the media. Will the media never allow Diana to RIP? What next – the woman who did her laundry? The men she knew (perhaps not!)? I have had enough of Diana Spencer and surely it’s time to let her go and stop using her to make money in the media. Diana RIP.