Hair “styling”

Is there any sign on the horizon of a change in hair “styling” – I mean the current look where the wearer appears to have climbed straight out of bed, perhaps  a shower, then off to work or play.  No comb appears to have touched most of the wearer’s heads, no brush.
I don’t want the structured look of a few years back but, please, could we have styles that aren’t a tangle of uncombed, rats-tails.  Could we have some style that is shiny and healthy and shows some care.
There are one or two or three women on TV who could show the way to an attractive head of hair, with an individual look and they still can look feminine .
And girls pulling two handfuls of hair forward on one or both sides, and so unnatural – does not make a good look.


Our politicians and Washington

Two points raised by the current obeisance by an Australian PM (the latest) to the President of USA: Malcolm, Australians do not put hand-on-heart to show respect – that is so American.
When John Howard was walking Australian style , hands by his side, besides George W, taking the salute – – he looked over at G.W, saw his hand on heart and promptly placed his hand on his heart – and so it continues even until this day.
And the latest out of Pres Trump: Teachers with guns – ask Tim Fischer. He really put the case that this would mean teachers would be the first and immediate targets of a gunman should this come in.
My comment: What good will it do? – Make a battleground of every school…shoot-outs between gunmen, teachers, and probably kids with guns. Who wants that?


RIGHT TO privacy?

And now it’s another politician claiming right to privacy…this time it’s Gladys about one of her MPs.
Gladys – and the rest of the politicians – don’t you realise that when you take my taxes – taxpayer funding – you are responsible to me and to the electorate for your actions. .. Along with the rorts, the cars, the big pay  there is a downside – you lose your right to privacy and it’s time you realised it.
Politicians – GROW UP.


In the current imbroglio concerning The Hon Barnaby Joyce, Leader of the National Party, elected member for Armidale, possible Acting PM of this country, (a bit of irony all of it) I am feeling so angry at the constant refrain “he’s entitled to privacy for personal affairs like the rest of us”. I dispute this.
He was elected to represent people of his electorate; he is paid a healthy salary to sit in Parliament representing them; he is NOT a private person like the rest of us entitled to privacy. In all aspects of his behaviour he has behaved outrageously and without consideration for his position, possibly representing me and others of Australia as Acting PM….and He has failed and he should go.

Out of Wedlock

Susan Lamb, Senator in the Federal Parliament is in danger of losing her seat because she can’t produce a marriage certificate from one of her parents. Dad is dead – Mum is not known where. And she (Susan) wants to renounce her British citizenship but can’t – because? She can’t produce a marriage certificate.
This is crazy surely. If she were born out of wedlock would the British authorities require a “marriage” certificate from her parents – hardly likely!
This is British bureaucracy at its worst. So what do children born out of wedlock do – are they condemned to stay British because of no certificate ?.

Cheating and Cheats

Julia Baird (The remarkable privilege of being a male politician – 10 Feb). You cover the situation pretty well but not quite well enough.
Did Barnaby stay at home after he started his affair with his staffer? If so then he is not worthy of discussion because he is simply a cheat and as a politician he can’t be trusted (who says we trust them anyway) and when his cheating is known then out with him.
If he left home when he realised his marriage was over – and THEN started his affair – he would not be a cheat to the same extent…he would be a failure in his marriage but he wouldn’t be actually cheating.
It’s a measure I have applied several times – I do not trust CHEATS in any respect…politicians or not.

Public vs Non-public schools ….again

It’s on again – the obsessive private vs public schools comments and the constant harping on what one has and the other apparently doesn’t.
My husband, cousins, uncles and in this generation already a nephew, were in the Forces after being in non-public schools and I never heard any one of them worry about what was being spent in the public school system. They just got on with doing the best they could. I never worried about what the family next door might have in the public school system – what we in the non-public school system did not have.
Again, we just got on with living…and worked to send our children to the school of our choice no matter what it cost us.
But now it seems that many people, several each week if the Letters to the Editor are any judge, worry constantly what the local private school builds yet another theatre/Olympic pool or hockey field (SMH 1 Feb).   Why are they worried?  After all Govt spending is more in public schools (2015-6, $17275 vs $10147 per child SMH 1 Feb) than in the others Put some effort into your school affairs, stop worrying about what somebody else might have and do the best you can – as are the parents of children at local non-public schools.