The swastika in Afghanistan

The swastika on the Australian vehicle in Afghanistan – crass, tasteless, insulting even. I was reminded of Prince Harry wearing a swastika on his arm some time ago with some of the same comments from the media but where is he now? A world hero, well loved – what happened – he grew up!


facebook – a communicator or not

Mark Zuckerberg has made many apologies – for lack of privacy on Facebook; for fake news on Facebook; and for all sorts of faults with his “baby” – Facebook,  but no-one has mentioned loss of communication. Users will tell you that they are users and keep in touch with friends and families but  – How do they keep in touch? How do they communicate ?  When he/she puts a picture of a just purchased car, say,  up for “you and 10+ others” to see – do you get a real feeling of inclusion and interest in the car; Can you question the where and how of the purchase; do you have any real conversation about where you intend to take this car, what you will look to see on your travels  Or do you just leave any questions to the “10 others”
And when the latest picture of the latest family member is posted can you discuss the colour eyes and who the child is like and where did the blue eyes come from, and how much it was at birth, and is it a good sleeper and what does he/she eat? No – there is a post of the child and that’s it – no communication.
But wait – there’s room for “comments” and have you looked at those comments?  Six words often the same or similar to one of the 10 others, banal, and that’s it.  No conversation, no extra just “he’s gorgeous”, or “lucky you”. With Facebook “communications” there is no inter-personal talk.
Have you ever had an in-depth discussion on any subject whatsoever with anyone on Facebook?  How could you with any number of “others” sitting in the background, posting comments of six words all very much the same.  And besides  would you want to have every one of the “others” reading and criticising.
I don’t say that you should sit down and write a letter in copperplate by hand but surely a phone call or email can communicate better than a picture plus “comment”. When people defend Facebook to me as a means of knowing what their family members are up to… I think “what a cop out” – ring your family; drop a line by email with no-one reading every little bit of sentiment you want to include.  And if you want to have a discussion – again, ring the person, write your email or better still, go and see them…that’s communication. I really think that if you waned to communicate with someone who may be interesting/important to you you would contact him/her, which means obviously that you are not really interested in “communicating” …you are fulfilling a social need to contact/cross the person off your list of contacts – not really communicating.
And I think we can blame Facebook for this lack of communication between family/friends these days…somehing we will regret in the future if not already.

For how long do the politicians pay

If Bill Shorten can be held accountable for pre-Parliament Union matters (he entered Parliament 2007) can the same apply to Malcolm for the disasters of the banking system, where he was a luminary (he entered Parliament 2004).  And while we are at it – how about the problems of the NAB now that Mike Baird is a senior Executive?
Just a thought – was this why the PM did not want to have a Royal Commission?

Mayoral medieval get-up

Is there some reason not obvious to the person in the street, for mayors of councils to wear and prance around in the most elaborate of medieval costumes worthy of a comic opera.
I do notice that even the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition do not wear such outlandish gear – why do Mayors?  Do they really hanker to be British Mayors in medieval towns


It is indeed a truism that if you repeat something often enough, it will be believed as a fact (see political slogans).
And so it is with the idea that the Monarchy confers stability on the UK and even on us (Peter Waterhouse, Vic, 4 April).   Strange that nobody suggests the same about the Governor-General or the State Governors, who have over time shown that stability is not conferred by Vice-Regal presence.
Do any of these apologists ever think that it is our own stable institutions, laws and regulations and our own stability that confer this on us?  Think – Global Financial Crisis (GFC) when we held our own by virtue of our stability – OUR stability – while most of the world financial institutions floundered.


What an interesting article in the Sun Herald 25/3 about Alzheimers but am I alone in my trust in doctors, researchers, scientists etc. believing that a cure will be found.

In the same way I do believe that cures will be found for the other diseases of our times:  cancer, mental illness, arthritis, etc etc.

We have seen many of the diseases of yesteryear beaten (measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, etc. etc.) and I do believe that this dreadful disease of the mind will be beaten together with other mental problems

Hair “styling”

Is there any sign on the horizon of a change in hair “styling” – I mean the current look where the wearer appears to have climbed straight out of bed, perhaps  a shower, then off to work or play.  No comb appears to have touched most of the wearer’s heads, no brush.
I don’t want the structured look of a few years back but, please, could we have styles that aren’t a tangle of uncombed, rats-tails.  Could we have some style that is shiny and healthy and shows some care.
There are one or two or three women on TV who could show the way to an attractive head of hair, with an individual look and they still can look feminine .
And girls pulling two handfuls of hair forward on one or both sides, and so unnatural – does not make a good look.