Malcolm’s claim to fame

“You know, I’m still the only Prime Minister to go to Mardi Gras” thus spoke Malcolm Turnbull the morning after – 4 March. If that is your only victory Malcolm as appears likely, I am sorry for you – enjoy your moment of fame.


RIGHT TO privacy?

And now it’s another politician claiming right to privacy…this time it’s Gladys about one of her MPs.
Gladys – and the rest of the politicians – don’t you realise that when you take my taxes – taxpayer funding – you are responsible to me and to the electorate for your actions. .. Along with the rorts, the cars, the big pay  there is a downside – you lose your right to privacy and it’s time you realised it.
Politicians – GROW UP.

School funding and (columnist) Farrelly

Thank you, thank you Frank Adshead (SMH 11 Dec). Here I was thinking that my maths had really slipped and my understanding of plain commonsense also when I couldn’t follow Farrelly’s argument that “a quarter of all school funding goes to private schools which educate roughly a third of the populace, then private school students cannot possibly be sucking almost two-thirds as much as each public one”.   I read Farrelly’s most confusing piece and wondered where I had gone wrong. But now I know it was only Farrelly’s confusing, biased article trying to prove how those dreadful greedy  non-public-schools are taking away so much from public schools.
No!  it was just another piece of confusing drivel trying to explain funding in NSW.

The vultures of the Press

Could we please have a 2018 Resolution…that those vultures of the media – predominantly female but there are some males – be taken to task by their employers and kept away from outside Courts, homes, etc. Their questions are inane ( what did you think you saw the dead body; did you kill the victim;) and I would expect that even if the poor victims of the media pack, were to answer, their answers would not be accepted in a Court of Law. So how about it media bosses?   Call a halt to the scrums outside homes, Courts, etc. etc. keep the vultures back in the office where they could attend classes on how to be genuine journalists.
Are these scrums used by the boss back in the newsroom as training for the hopeless young journalists.
I don’t really think that Freedom of the Press means harassment and car chasing down the street asking inane questions, in high, high heels.

My SMH – no longer independent

What has happened to MY Sydney Morning Herald? Once I could proudly say (and did) that the SMH was fair and unbiased but not now – In the YES/NO question they have chosen sides and given that side so much free publicity…page after page…piece after piece of support…despite loudly claiming to be independent . I do not agree with any CEO (Alan Joyce, etc) including sporting associations standing up and putting views out there as if representing their companies/associations.   Does Joyce represent the views of 20,30,40000 Qantas employees?  He is well known for his views and he is at liberty to express his views as a PRIVATE person but not representing employees.
Likewise other companies and sporting groups… but I did look to MY SMH to play it fair and show both sides of the argument and the piece Six steps to deciding how to vote on same-sex marriage by Caitlin Fitzsimmons really steps over the line. I can only conclude that Caitlin has a personal inclination to push otherwise I am taking her piece as a comic piece of satire saying one thing and meaning another, quite different thing… Read   the paragraph headings against the explanations under those headings…


What a dramatic picture of a bushfire/firefighter Sun Herald 13 Aug.  Which leads to questioning what we will require in the way of water resources with a very hot dry summer ahead.
And of course – has anyone heard anything about our expensive de-sal plant on Botany Bay?  Is it working?  Is it being regularly turned on to keep it active for the troubles ahead?
Will anyone tell us?

The poor old HSC

So now, the latest of many ideas in the educating of our young people, they will actually sit for the HSC and will need to pass.
This will be a big shock because students have lived on the “you don’t need to pass the HSC” for several years with a resultant casual attitude towards this exam and probably a whole wave of students lacking literacy, numeracy and writing skills for their future in jobs/university.
Wouldn’t it be good if the brains behind the education system could settle down and actually TEACH the basics and stop trying out ideas on our poor confused students.