Martin Place siege

The Martin Place siege and tragic aftermath and criticism are now behind us and we have the Coroner’s Report:
Families have been understandably upset and complained that the police relied too much on various people such as a psychiatrist. Who are they relying on for their knowledge to actually deal with a mad man and a siege situation.  Were they present during the siege?
Give the police a go! One person killed by a richochet and one murdered by the madman – look at massacres in other situations around the world.
The Coroner was remarkably balanced and necessarily unemotional and I applaud his judgement.   The police were not to blame for the situation but he offered various suggestions in case of another such incident –
If a different scenario would his suggestions be appropriate.   Surely every situation is different and needs different answers.

Gladys and buses

Over 700 breakdowns of buses according to Berejiklian and Constance – but my question is WHY/ Why are the faults in the buses not attended to? Is it because – as a bus driver said to me – that Gladys was getting ready to sell off the bus lines (note “lines” not just the current lines under discussion). Will private bus lines be better maintained and if not will those bus lines be subject to condemnation or even returned to the government?  No way!!!   Is it intended to privatise ALL buses?  Will we be told – no!!!!

The poor old taxpayer

$4M for four years for one Rugby League player and that’s not counting many, many more on up to $1M annually. And then we come to the Administrative people like the CEOs, and the coaches and what else and that is duplicated across the Codes including Cricket.
The question is – Why does the taxpayer have to foot the bill to demolish and then rebuild stadiums for these sports – for these for-profit organisations?
It’s gone crazy – millions and millions of dollars that could be spent on hospitals and schools and even for homeless people. Let’s face it – the majority of people in this city (5M at last count) do not go at any time to any of these sporting events which are just about confined to the weekends.
I repeat in case nobody heard me – Why does the taxpayer have to pay for sporting stadiums when they are operated for profit for sporting bodies?
Perhaps it is to keep sports commentators/ex players in a lucrative job. But how many of the viewing public actually watch these sporting events?  How many actually go to these multi million dollar stadiums to watch the game when they can, if they are even interested, watch on TV?

Mass killings and stoicism

While we are rightly lauding the stoicism and courage of Londoners during the current tragedy, how about some back slapping for Melbourne following the recent similar tragedy which saw – how many – people killed and injured. And no doubt Melbournians went off to work the next day – just as will Londoners. I have yet to see/hear anything about Melbourne and their reaction and courage after that horrific so-similar event. The hyperbole is amazing – think Paris, think Brussels.

What a joke! Once again gambling giants and TV executives are trying to tell the public that they will police content on commercial TV.
I believe that it was in the ‘60s Commercial TV was regulated and allowed limited advertising in breaks in programmes. Then they claimed that they would “self regulate” and what do we have? So much advertising that many of us prefer to stop watching; record so that we can cut out advertising; read; go away for our “tea break”; watch non-commercial channels – anything to get away from up to nine commercials in the body of a show. Maybe that’s why book sales have not plummeted.
”Self regulate”! What a joke! Surely the joke of the century. And self regulation in gambling, greyhound racing, TV – reasonable advertising, are all part of that JOKE.