My SMH – no longer independent

What has happened to MY Sydney Morning Herald? Once I could proudly say (and did) that the SMH was fair and unbiased but not now – In the YES/NO question they have chosen sides and given that side so much free publicity…page after page…piece after piece of support…despite loudly claiming to be independent . I do not agree with any CEO (Alan Joyce, etc) including sporting associations standing up and putting views out there as if representing their companies/associations.   Does Joyce represent the views of 20,30,40000 Qantas employees?  He is well known for his views and he is at liberty to express his views as a PRIVATE person but not representing employees.
Likewise other companies and sporting groups… but I did look to MY SMH to play it fair and show both sides of the argument and the piece Six steps to deciding how to vote on same-sex marriage by Caitlin Fitzsimmons really steps over the line. I can only conclude that Caitlin has a personal inclination to push otherwise I am taking her piece as a comic piece of satire saying one thing and meaning another, quite different thing… Read   the paragraph headings against the explanations under those headings…



What a dramatic picture of a bushfire/firefighter Sun Herald 13 Aug.  Which leads to questioning what we will require in the way of water resources with a very hot dry summer ahead.
And of course – has anyone heard anything about our expensive de-sal plant on Botany Bay?  Is it working?  Is it being regularly turned on to keep it active for the troubles ahead?
Will anyone tell us?

The poor old HSC

So now, the latest of many ideas in the educating of our young people, they will actually sit for the HSC and will need to pass.
This will be a big shock because students have lived on the “you don’t need to pass the HSC” for several years with a resultant casual attitude towards this exam and probably a whole wave of students lacking literacy, numeracy and writing skills for their future in jobs/university.
Wouldn’t it be good if the brains behind the education system could settle down and actually TEACH the basics and stop trying out ideas on our poor confused students.


Definitely NO to fixed four year terms of Parliament in NSW.
I could go with three year terms but no fixed term.  How could we get rid of them when they really let us down.  For instance what to do about Gladys – we must wait for the election date to come around but in some eventualities Gladys and her Government could go but if we had a fixed 4-year term …..  NO ….., too hard to get rid of in fixed term.   They can do enough damage in 3yr term without extending to fixed four year terms.  After all – they are politicians – and who trusts politicians?


I suggest readers get hold of the SMH 3 July advising that 35,000 new homes will be built along the Bankstown line i.e. passing through suburbs from Sydenham to Bankstown and on Canterbury/New Canterbury/Old Canterbury Rds and further but not a mention of new bus services to cope with the thousands of new residents who will need bus lines and the already over-taxed train lines.
Is this the result of the London Expert who suggested 20-tower blocks along all transport routes?
Has this government in its obsession with roads and developments forgotten that these 30,000 dwellings will bring up to 100,000 people to the area? Where are the shops, the bus services, the facilities that will be required by this influx of new people. ..and don’t forget the shambles that is New Canterbury and Canterbury Roads already.
Oh yes! – they DO tell us that the rail line will be closed for about a year early next decade but hopefully by that time this govt will be long a memory..

PLASTIC BAGS and a money grab

I agree with your remarks Jack McCann (Letters SMH 17/7) and ask what happens in a hot Sydney summer – as we expect this year – when wettish kitchen rubbish is paperwrapped and placed in our bins for a week awaiting the next removal?
I can tell you – maggots!
And who will clean out my bins when this occurs? N
Not those people fighting to get rid of the plastic bags – me!
And I can’t believe that the replacement bags from the supermarkets really cost the 15cents they will charge us.
Is this just another money grab?


How often do we see persons –  royalty, VIPs, politicians,  come from a building or in/out of a car and the faithful “somebody” stands by and opens the door?

Do the royal persons, politicians, VIPs, premiers, prime ministers ever say “thank you”? I have watched the scene thousands of times on the news but haven’t yet detected any movement of mouth to say “thank you”.