Blane Stonley, Cowan – You echoed my contribution to SMH Letters (22/2 – Not published) wherein I begged our Government to beware:  Don’t be flattered Malcolm – look twice at any scheme with the USA that would involve us in money and/or trade …and then …walk away.  The robber barons of America (Vanderbilts, etc.) did not make their money out of railways, etc. by giving away anything at all.
And so it came to pass that many times in the past – our great friend and ally showed us the value of their friendship, weighed the advantages to themselves – and sold us “down the river”.
Will we ever wake up?

I read a comment recently – “the USA doesn’t have allies – they have interests”


The National Party – once the Country Party

I would like to ask National Party members a question:   Can I presume that all of you (half of you , one? ) are family people? Would you cheat on your wives/families? Why then do you condone the actions of Barnaby and his Mistress even to the extent of paying his salary during his campaign after his situation was known.
I wouldn’t like to depend on the morals of the National Party under the present circumstances or even on anything requiring principles.

Trade deals with our great and good partner???

Malcolm:   Please…please…please be careful in your dealings re the Infrastructure Scheme being discussed in the USA now.
Nobody has ever called Joe Hockey a brain, or an astute treasurer so if he is pushing this Infrastructure Scheme for us to join with the USA, please beware of the “sharks” in the USA. We seem usually to come out of trade dealings with the USA behind the eight ball. Don’t be flattered Malcolm and Joe – look twice at any scheme with the USA that would involve us in money and/or trade and then …walk away.  The robber barons of America (Vanderbilts, etc.) did not make their money and build their empires out of railways, etc. by giving away anything at all…and we usually seem to come out of deals with the USA with the wrong end of a rotten stick.


It’s started – the arguments about a day and date for Australia Day. Why don’t we forget about it for the moment and get on with achieving a REPUBLIC…and then we can have a day called REPUBLIC DAY with no connotations of brutality or persecution; no massacres; no arguments about who abused who.
No date/no day will be acceptable to all because present days and dates carry too much baggage.
So get on with it – THE REPUBLIC and when we are a republic we will know when we achieved it and we can celebrate it – all of us together.

The Republic

It’s that time again – We can’t have a republic until the Queen dies.  Who says?  And why not?
What do these procrastinators really think – if they come up with this Queen argument we Republicans will just shut up and go away.
What are they saying?  The Queen dies on say, 28/29th of February and we start working for a Republic on 1st March???  After all Prince Charles himself has suggested more than once that he was surprised we haven’t gone ahead with the idea of The Republic by now.
What leadtime do they think we need to mount a campaign, work it through the various naysayers, take it to the People – and one day – perhaps – we will be ready to go to the people.  A lengthy period of time will be required for lead time/education before many people will be able to accept change.
We should be accustoming peoples’ minds NOW, getting prominent people to come out especially sports people (think same-sex campaign – one of the most effective campaigns I have seen), start the administrative work needed to effect a change, actually know the words of the changes in the Constitution. ..
But first get those lazy frightened prominent figures to say it loudly – “We want a republic as soon as possible”….
If heads of companies (Qantas), Banks, the media, sporting organisations would stand up and say – We want a Republic now… as they did for same-sex – we could start to move at more than a snail’s pace…but we won’t get anywhere with just small people like me having an opinion.


Russian planes operating of Indonesia just immediately to the north of us…so who was the genius who arranged the sale of the Port of Darwin to foreign person/s for 99 years. That person should be hanged, drawn and quartered and even more so if that person is a “Public Servant”. Perhaps, more to the point how do we reclaim our Port of Darwin before any more damage is done.

Get rid of Gladys

How do we get rid of this Premier and this Party before they sell off all of Sydney to developers… Just a moment! I think this has already happened with everything that isn’t tied down, bolted down, knocked down going…going…gone. But I would still like to see this Premier also gone…gone…before she becomes a millionaire at our expense.