Get rid of Gladys

How do we get rid of this Premier and this Party before they sell off all of Sydney to developers… Just a moment! I think this has already happened with everything that isn’t tied down, bolted down, knocked down going…going…gone. But I would still like to see this Premier also gone…gone…before she becomes a millionaire at our expense.


Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink

“4 Corners” 25/7 showed us just is wrong with the Murray/Darling/Barwon River systems in the Far West but there is one question not tackled in this excellent programme: Will the pirates taking and using millions (? billions) of litres of river water illegally pay tax on their ill-gotten gains?
After all we are all behind the ATO in clawing back taxes from overseas companies for taking profits in this country and not paying appropriate tax, just don’t forget the illegal users of water in this country – what would the illegal “take” amount to in dollars?
Does anyone worry about, say, the people of Broken Hill left without water last year, and people and communities down river as far as Victoria and South Australia?
Now we will wait…wait… to see what our elected representatives do when the question is their top-end mates.


News of the proposed super Ministry could perhaps get a qualified approval from me (not that this matters – I am just a voter) but to put Peter Dutton in charge…no…no…no. Right or wrong he comes over to me as an authoritarian, humourless, my way or no way person and I cannot go along with him (Colonel Klink or perhaps El Supremo – I hesitate to say “heil…”?) being given such amazing powers in this country. It’s too much Malcolm.

Part 2 – Do we want a Republic

Regarding the Republic I suggest that we ask Prince Charles – he may be willing to “Patron” the new Party – hasn’t he told us several times over the years that he couldn’t believe that we haven’t yet grasped the nettle. Anybody as old as I am would remember that there were moves and agitation pre-WW2 towards a Republic but the War intervened and youthful exuberance – not “King and country” as some like to say/think took over.  I never heard (yes, that’s how old I am) a soldier/sailor/airman say they were going to fight for king and country.  They were very often unemployed (33% unemployed prior to the War during the Great Depression and mostly women could not work) ; it was a job; there would be travel; mates were joining up and “we would be home for Christmas”.
But “do we want a republic” and my suggestion is to start a Party – a Parliamentary Party who could represent our wishes.   The point is – A Party would have leverage in Parliament (see Hanson, Xenophon, etc. etc.) and I do think that there would be many on the Coalition side of politics favouring the Party.  The Labor Party has a Republic on their Agenda – so no trouble there – but we need voices in Parliament…good intelligent voices to make a case for a rapid, orderly move from the Monarchy stage through to an Australian Republic – We need preparation; organisation; Parliamentary publicity; many people to appeal to young people who, dare I say it – don’t take much notice of anything in the media or on TV –  not from the point of view of “what will it do for me” but “it’s a principle”.


Housing problems

George Morgan – SMH 12 April, (Barista with a Master’s is a problem we need to solve). Just think back a few years and remember when kids left school at or about 15 years…they worked for a few years and matured and in the late teens/early 20s woke up and wanted a home/house. They then set out to get one, saving and working. It’s the same thing now but later – some kids are not leaving school until 19 and later and then they have to mature and wake up to the facts of life and start saving, working, cutting out overseas holidays, etc. etc. Not much difference just a few years later than the previous generation with the same problem… but the media and the politicians have created a really big problem about it. And what about the 60,000 houses vacant in NSW – what will they do about them?

Mass killings and stoicism

While we are rightly lauding the stoicism and courage of Londoners during the current tragedy, how about some back slapping for Melbourne following the recent similar tragedy which saw – how many – people killed and injured. And no doubt Melbournians went off to work the next day – just as will Londoners. I have yet to see/hear anything about Melbourne and their reaction and courage after that horrific so-similar event. The hyperbole is amazing – think Paris, think Brussels.

Anzac – Australia and New Zealand

PMs Malcolm Turnbull and Bill English solemnly assured us of the friendship of Australia and New Zealand during the recent visit of Malcolm to NZ, and I don’t doubt it – after all we are so isolated down here in the “xo/x:o/ of the world ” (thank you Paul Keating) and we do have quite a few things in common, but what I would really like to see is both PMs standing up publicly and inviting the rest of the Pacific Area to join in a strong agreement to trade/defend leaving out the chaotic USA.
If this happened I would be interested in the reaction in the Washington madhouse.
Will it happen? I doubt it but I can but hope – perhaps NZ could inject a bit of individualism, aggression and the much talked about Anzac spirit into such an agreement.