For how long do the politicians pay

If Bill Shorten can be held accountable for pre-Parliament Union matters (he entered Parliament 2007) can the same apply to Malcolm for the disasters of the banking system, where he was a luminary (he entered Parliament 2004).  And while we are at it – how about the problems of the NAB now that Mike Baird is a senior Executive?
Just a thought – was this why the PM did not want to have a Royal Commission?


Politicians and Oscars

There’s no doubt about it – our politicians deserve Oscars for acting and I give you two who qualify: Mike Baird, all choir boy innocence  – not leaving politics to “spend time with his family” the usual excuse – No! He was leaving to look after his Mother or was it his sister? – and he put it over so well – until he took up a well paid job almost immediately with NAB – you know – one of the four Big Banks currently answering awkward questions at the Royal Commission.
Then we have Barnaby Joyce. He finessed his role as a country hayseed, took a partner while still married and now wants to take an interview fee of $150K “to go into a trust fund for his son”.   No mention of his $200,000+ backbench salary and no doubt Partner’s Maternity Leave payment…Oh no it’s all pathos – no bathos – with Barnaby. He must provide for his son and that’s why he’s doing an interview for money. I nominate Mike and Barnaby for the next Oscars….or Logies….or…

Banking Royal Commission

Allan Fels hit the nail on the head (It takes time to get to the rotten core – 3 May) when he calls for an extension of two or three years for the Banking Financial Royal Commission term.
However we all know that the Government was dragged kicking and screaming to the appointment of this Royal Commission so what are the odds on them extending the time by 2-3 years.
The only reason for hope is that if Malcolm and Morrison won’t come to the party – there is an election soon and the next govt could be pressured into the extension.


Can someone please tell me why we spent $100,000,000 on a WW1 memorial – in FRANCE – for God’s sake commemorating WW1 – 100 years ago.   It is not obviously for Australian tourists – the few who will bother to go to yet another battlefield (figures released estimate 100,000 this year and how many thereafter ?); it’s not for the French – they live there.
Why do we (Australia) have to go over the top every time? Is it to prove that we can?   Have NZ or Canada built a multi-million dollaar WW1 memorial on the Western Front?   For heavens sake please tell me that there is a real reason why we spent one hundred million dollars on a building in the countryside of France… to commemorate a war one hundred years ago… or will there be some glory-hunting politician seeking to build memorial buildings for WW2 (perhaps in North Africa?) or New Guinea – or let’s go the whole way – Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. etc.

The Royal Commission

What hypocrites the Govt is.  Headlines such as AMP misconduct and lies exposed following similar findings  about CBA, and the other big four banks – and will probably be the case when this Royal Commission  gets onto other branches of the money industries.  And the Liberal-led government has the nerve to castigate Unionists as thugs and worse…and had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this Royal Commission. Union crimes are open and their dress is workman’s clothing and that is the main difference I can see between these businessmen and unionists.