Blane Stonley, Cowan – You echoed my contribution to SMH Letters (22/2 – Not published) wherein I begged our Government to beware:  Don’t be flattered Malcolm – look twice at any scheme with the USA that would involve us in money and/or trade …and then …walk away.  The robber barons of America (Vanderbilts, etc.) did not make their money out of railways, etc. by giving away anything at all.
And so it came to pass that many times in the past – our great friend and ally showed us the value of their friendship, weighed the advantages to themselves – and sold us “down the river”.
Will we ever wake up?

I read a comment recently – “the USA doesn’t have allies – they have interests”


Malcolm’s claim to fame

“You know, I’m still the only Prime Minister to go to Mardi Gras” thus spoke Malcolm Turnbull the morning after – 4 March. If that is your only victory Malcolm as appears likely, I am sorry for you – enjoy your moment of fame.

Good honest conservative country people????

Congratulations National Party – we now have been officially told by Barnaby Joyce himself, that you, his colleagues endorse and support him in his behaviour. How will this go down with the wives of the good burghers/farmers of the National Party.
So much for goodwill between (an inept PM) the Liberal Party and the once-Country Party…and what happened to the salt-of-the-earth country men and women who once were so conservative and stood by old fashioned values.
But of course, they think that Barnaby will keep them in government and in the Cabinet.

Increase in wages – 2.4%

Eryk Bagshaw – SMH 22 Feb – please tell me if the 2.4% increase in wages for the year particularly in the “booming” healthcare industry represents an increase agitated for quite some time ago because healthcare workers were so badly  underpaid compared to other industries.   I really would like to know because there doesn’t seem to be a ban on huge increases for top level executives…who seem to score even when their companies go belly-up.


Our politicians and Washington

Two points raised by the current obeisance by an Australian PM (the latest) to the President of USA: Malcolm, Australians do not put hand-on-heart to show respect – that is so American.
When John Howard was walking Australian style , hands by his side, besides George W, taking the salute – – he looked over at G.W, saw his hand on heart and promptly placed his hand on his heart – and so it continues even until this day.
And the latest out of Pres Trump: Teachers with guns – ask Tim Fischer. He really put the case that this would mean teachers would be the first and immediate targets of a gunman should this come in.
My comment: What good will it do? – Make a battleground of every school…shoot-outs between gunmen, teachers, and probably kids with guns. Who wants that?


RIGHT TO privacy?

And now it’s another politician claiming right to privacy…this time it’s Gladys about one of her MPs.
Gladys – and the rest of the politicians – don’t you realise that when you take my taxes – taxpayer funding – you are responsible to me and to the electorate for your actions. .. Along with the rorts, the cars, the big pay  there is a downside – you lose your right to privacy and it’s time you realised it.
Politicians – GROW UP.

Privacy for parliamentarians

Newspaper contributors, radio contributors and TV presenters ask “why does it (private life such as affairs) apply in Parliament” (SMH 26 Feb).  Very simply – it applies because Barnaby and all Parliamentarians are paid by the public purse and as such owe us, the taxpayer for all the privileges they get.
They owe us a good job of work and Barnaby and other parliamentarians who allow their private lives to divert/intrude into their work/office must expect what they get…loss of privacy being one result.
If they want privacy for their activities – perhaps they should go into the private sector…the Royals are a good example of  responsibilities when on the public purse.