Malcolm’s claim to fame

“You know, I’m still the only Prime Minister to go to Mardi Gras” thus spoke Malcolm Turnbull the morning after – 4 March. If that is your only victory Malcolm as appears likely, I am sorry for you – enjoy your moment of fame.


The National Party – once the Country Party

I would like to ask National Party members a question:   Can I presume that all of you (half of you , one? ) are family people? Would you cheat on your wives/families? Why then do you condone the actions of Barnaby and his Mistress even to the extent of paying his salary during his campaign after his situation was known.
I wouldn’t like to depend on the morals of the National Party under the present circumstances or even on anything requiring principles.

Trade deals with our great and good partner???

Malcolm:   Please…please…please be careful in your dealings re the Infrastructure Scheme being discussed in the USA now.
Nobody has ever called Joe Hockey a brain, or an astute treasurer so if he is pushing this Infrastructure Scheme for us to join with the USA, please beware of the “sharks” in the USA. We seem usually to come out of trade dealings with the USA behind the eight ball. Don’t be flattered Malcolm and Joe – look twice at any scheme with the USA that would involve us in money and/or trade and then …walk away.  The robber barons of America (Vanderbilts, etc.) did not make their money and build their empires out of railways, etc. by giving away anything at all…and we usually seem to come out of deals with the USA with the wrong end of a rotten stick.

Move on Barnaby

“Joyce explains why public should now move on” (SMH 22 Feb)– my heart bleeds – not for you Barnaby, but for my country but I have some advice for you – “Move on Barnaby – move on”.
Basic maths tell me that you were well into your illicit arrangement when you took the campaign trail recently; that you were still in your (real) partner/wife’s home when you were conducting an affair and claiming respect for marriage and morals, so you have committed the most heinous sin by a politician – no, not immorality – but hypocrisy.
So I reiterate Barnaby…if you want no more publicity…go quietly. MOVE ON!
What I really couldn’t take would be you with your “partner” as Acting PM and representing my country.

Is this discrimination

Means testing in independent schools – is it discrimination?   I note that there is a move afoot to means test parents of children in non-public schools. Will the same apply to parents in state schools such as the many prominent people/politicians who boast that they send their children to state schools incidentally having the ordinary person in the community/ taxpaying parents in the non-public school sector pay for their child/children’s education) Would this be discrimination?

Media errors

Yawn…yawn..boring… It’s the start of a new school year and it’s on again – the public vs private schools issue. When is my (once an independent) SMH going to get someone like Ross Gittins to write a calm piece about the relative costs of shutting down the non-public school system and all students going to public schools vs paying less per student in non-public schools.
Elizabeth Farrelly spilled the beans when she said “a quarter of all school funding goes to private schools which educate roughly a third of the populace” and then went on to claim (erroneously) that   “private school students….were sucking almost two thirds as much as each public school student”.
If SMH were required to be as even handed in this perennial argument as in politics we would be told that the govt funding for each student in the non-public school system is much, much less than for public school students. Add in the costs of acquiring/building the schools for the intake of non-public school students if they crossed over in their numbers, extra administrative costs for a quarter of the school population, teachers, etc. and even some of the contributors who rail against the non-public school system, would have to realise that the state is on a good thing with so many students going non-public.


Much loud talk about the salaries of railway drivers – supposedly about  $131,000 p/a INCLUDING overtime and penalty rates. And what does Minister Constance get for his job of berating men who work many more hours a day/week to earn their $131.000?
Minister Constance’s total remuneration excl electoral allowance (add this in if you know it) – is at least $310,807 plus electoral allowance and all the little extras such as cars and allowances to stay in Sydney.
And how many hours a week does he “work” – actual hours unknown but Parliament sits for not much over 50 days a year leaving 315 days of not attending Parliament.
I hear you say that he has electoral duties but if he really is efficient he would manage that 315 days – 42 weeks – and especially when you consider that his Head of Department and public servants really do most of the work for him presenting their results as required.
The recent, very recent crash of a train against a barrier at Richmond should give you just a little idea of the strains drivers work under.
Strangely the media does not talk about these inconsistencies – why? Because it’s union-bashing-time …again.