The Royal Commission

CBAs scorecard horrifying but not totally unexpected – Adele Ferguson 2 May. And I trust Adele that you will be one of the reporters trying to get to the truth from all the banks, financial institutions, etc.
I agree that ignoring some of the past and present directors and executives in the various institutions need to be called to account…not just CBA and AMP.
So we will wait and see – after all the Government did not want to have this Royal Commission and by extension – did not want to know about the position in all the financial institutions.


Banking Royal Commission

Allan Fels hit the nail on the head (It takes time to get to the rotten core – 3 May) when he calls for an extension of two or three years for the Banking Financial Royal Commission term.
However we all know that the Government was dragged kicking and screaming to the appointment of this Royal Commission so what are the odds on them extending the time by 2-3 years.
The only reason for hope is that if Malcolm and Morrison won’t come to the party – there is an election soon and the next govt could be pressured into the extension.


The world has Putin, Xi ping (?), Trump and we – Australia – have Dutton and the White Australia Policy – just shows that even in dictator-behaviour we are pathetic. However Dutton thinks he is very much more impressive than he is but he can cause us a great deal of trouble if we don’t stop him.

The National Party – once the Country Party

I would like to ask National Party members a question:   Can I presume that all of you (half of you , one? ) are family people? Would you cheat on your wives/families? Why then do you condone the actions of Barnaby and his Mistress even to the extent of paying his salary during his campaign after his situation was known.
I wouldn’t like to depend on the morals of the National Party under the present circumstances or even on anything requiring principles.

Trade deals with our great and good partner???

Malcolm:   Please…please…please be careful in your dealings re the Infrastructure Scheme being discussed in the USA now.
Nobody has ever called Joe Hockey a brain, or an astute treasurer so if he is pushing this Infrastructure Scheme for us to join with the USA, please beware of the “sharks” in the USA. We seem usually to come out of trade dealings with the USA behind the eight ball. Don’t be flattered Malcolm and Joe – look twice at any scheme with the USA that would involve us in money and/or trade and then …walk away.  The robber barons of America (Vanderbilts, etc.) did not make their money and build their empires out of railways, etc. by giving away anything at all…and we usually seem to come out of deals with the USA with the wrong end of a rotten stick.