Les Murray now – who next

For heavens sake – a state funeral for Les Murray!! I know he was a very good sports commentator (on Soccer) but that was what he was – a “sports commentator” of a sport that is far from being the Australian national game.
I am sure there would be someone who would qualify better to represent the real Australian game – started here in Australia and played and watched by many, many people every week….or in many other sports.
The “rot” started for the granting of state funerals with Kerry Packer, a businessman who worked for himself and when a state funeral was given to him, as far as I am concerned, it debased the value of a state funeral.
What next? The men who work on removing garbage in our streets, keep us healthy, do it cheerfully – they do it for us much more than most of others whose names come up in the papers.
Bill Shorten – I am surprised at you – and disappointed.



For Heaven’s sake, People – Get Real.  We desperately need hospitals, schools, transport so why is government proposing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on demolishing stadiums, then building new ones on the sites with all the “state-of-the-arts”  gadgets that probably could be put to better use in our missing hospitals and schools.  How about state-of-the-art hospitals and schools and use the stadiums we have; even spend some money on doing them up. It’s football People..it’s sport – it’s not a cancer cure.

Keating’s the right stuff

Congratulations (once again) to Paul Keating. He shows what a PM could do/should do when he is “ousted” from the PM- ship. He hasn’t wasted his time being bitter as have Tony and Joe but is using his considerable physical and mental resources to aid his country. And the latest is taking up the Indigenous cause.

Pursuant to this I recommend any reader to beg, borrow or steal Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu if you want to disabuse yourself of the myths associated with the aboriginal people to justify the acquisition of their land. Or perhaps Bill Gammage’s The Biggest Estate on Earth could bring you up to date, i.e. if you really want to learn.



Some people can’t rid themselves of their bias, can they? Why does Coalition put developers before public? SMH 20 Nov. – a perfectly reasonable question but then the writer falls back on prejudice about relocating Cranbrook or the Kings Schools or a few other private schools .. ….used for intensive housing.
Does the writer have a big block of land that could be resumed together with neighbours’ blocks, for state reasons such as schools? How would they feel if this happened? The land that most of the private schools are on was acquired many, many years ago by supporters for the purpose now held. It was developed by those same supporters, maintained by those same supporters and does not attract govt funding for the facilities. Check it out or ask some of the parents who work so hard to support their schools, or follow their consciences; or simply choose which school they will send their young people to.



Yes, Elizabeth Farrelly, “Time’s right for a flag we can be proud of” (SMH 24 Sept) but that is not a flag taken from the Indigenous people, as your favoured one is. Surely in the 21st century we can arrive at something which will include the First Australians but look to the Australia of NOW.
Red earth yes; Uluru yes (I understand that it is the absolute centre of the world for Indigenous people) – but fortunately we are surrounded on all sides by the most amazing blue sky/water. And what happened to the wonderful Southern Cross which tells the world where we are in this firmament – not the northern hemisphere but absolutely in the southern hemisphere. After all, this land mass for centuries was known as “The Great Southern Land”.
Surely our artists can do something with all that material: ancient mythology (Uluru). ever-present sky and water; and our place on this planet – in the southern hemisphere.


ADF pay rates

1.5% wage rate over three years – the offer from the government to the ADF Forces meaning that they actually have a loss against inflation. I presume that when the “Independent” Tribunal meets to consider the salaries for parliamentarians and judicial officers, they will be offered a less-than-inflation rate and they will happily accept it?. Now that is what I would like to see – 1.5% of an ADF officer rate is vastly different to 1.5% of a parliamentarian’s salary but why not? The parliamentarians waffle on and on about our servicemen defending us and how wonderful they are.. Prove it!
By the way, when does the “independent” Tribunal meet?


Qantas and Alan Joyce

Recently we have had Alan Joyce droning on and on and on about the state of Qantas and my Question de jour: How many corners does Qantas have? Alan Joyce is at it again “we’re turning the corner at Qantas” With all the corners Joyce has turned Qantas could promote a maze.
Instead of corners perhaps a change of Board would do the trick.