The Law in Australia

Would some legal brain out there please enlighten me:  Archbishop Wilson has said “However, at this time, I am entitled to exercise my legal rights and to follow the due process of law. “Since that process is not yet complete, I do not intend to resign at this time.” He said if it was unsuccessful, he would offer his resignation.
In OUR country is this quote right under our laws?
What I do see is that once again the PM is being led by the nose in foreign policy (Peter Gogarty demanding appeal to Pope – an independent State – the Vatican), and the government is being managed emotionally by the same person.
The Law should take its course and then we will see the results: what should/should not happen – NOT what Mr Gogarty demands.


The Wedding

I am quite ashamed of you Julia Baird (Opinion 21 May)
I am surprised that you would succumb to the current hysteria. Julia, it was the wedding of Harry and Meghan not a show on worldwide stage for Michael Curry.
I have long heard that for ministers – If you don’t strike oil in 5 mins – stop boring – and unfortunately Michael Curry had not heard this dictum and we endured science, fire, Martin Luther King, the Bible and very little about the wedding of Harry/Meghan – a commitment between two people before their family and friends . That is marriage not a floor show for the minister.
I can excuse Michael Jensen on the same page – he probably feels that he must support a fellow religious but you, Julia, ….


Can someone please tell me why we spent $100,000,000 on a WW1 memorial – in FRANCE – for God’s sake commemorating WW1 – 100 years ago.   It is not obviously for Australian tourists – the few who will bother to go to yet another battlefield (figures released estimate 100,000 this year and how many thereafter ?); it’s not for the French – they live there.
Why do we (Australia) have to go over the top every time? Is it to prove that we can?   Have NZ or Canada built a multi-million dollaar WW1 memorial on the Western Front?   For heavens sake please tell me that there is a real reason why we spent one hundred million dollars on a building in the countryside of France… to commemorate a war one hundred years ago… or will there be some glory-hunting politician seeking to build memorial buildings for WW2 (perhaps in North Africa?) or New Guinea – or let’s go the whole way – Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. etc.

Les Murray now – who next

For heavens sake – a state funeral for Les Murray!! I know he was a very good sports commentator (on Soccer) but that was what he was – a “sports commentator” of a sport that is far from being the Australian national game.
I am sure there would be someone who would qualify better to represent the real Australian game – started here in Australia and played and watched by many, many people every week….or in many other sports.
The “rot” started for the granting of state funerals with Kerry Packer, a businessman who worked for himself and when a state funeral was given to him, as far as I am concerned, it debased the value of a state funeral.
What next? The men who work on removing garbage in our streets, keep us healthy, do it cheerfully – they do it for us much more than most of others whose names come up in the papers.
Bill Shorten – I am surprised at you – and disappointed.


For Heaven’s sake, People – Get Real.  We desperately need hospitals, schools, transport so why is government proposing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on demolishing stadiums, then building new ones on the sites with all the “state-of-the-arts”  gadgets that probably could be put to better use in our missing hospitals and schools.  How about state-of-the-art hospitals and schools and use the stadiums we have; even spend some money on doing them up. It’s football’s sport – it’s not a cancer cure.

Keating’s the right stuff

Congratulations (once again) to Paul Keating. He shows what a PM could do/should do when he is “ousted” from the PM- ship. He hasn’t wasted his time being bitter as have Tony and Joe but is using his considerable physical and mental resources to aid his country. And the latest is taking up the Indigenous cause.

Pursuant to this I recommend any reader to beg, borrow or steal Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu if you want to disabuse yourself of the myths associated with the aboriginal people to justify the acquisition of their land. Or perhaps Bill Gammage’s The Biggest Estate on Earth could bring you up to date, i.e. if you really want to learn.


Some people can’t rid themselves of their bias, can they? Why does Coalition put developers before public? SMH 20 Nov. – a perfectly reasonable question but then the writer falls back on prejudice about relocating Cranbrook or the Kings Schools or a few other private schools .. ….used for intensive housing.
Does the writer have a big block of land that could be resumed together with neighbours’ blocks, for state reasons such as schools? How would they feel if this happened? The land that most of the private schools are on was acquired many, many years ago by supporters for the purpose now held. It was developed by those same supporters, maintained by those same supporters and does not attract govt funding for the facilities. Check it out or ask some of the parents who work so hard to support their schools, or follow their consciences; or simply choose which school they will send their young people to.