Diana – eternally

For Heavens sake! “By the woman behind her style” and so it goes on in the media. Will the media never allow Diana to RIP? What next – the woman who did her laundry? The men she knew (perhaps not!)? I have had enough of Diana Spencer and surely it’s time to let her go and stop using her to make money in the media. Diana RIP.


Part 2 – Do we want a Republic

Regarding the Republic I suggest that we ask Prince Charles – he may be willing to “Patron” the new Party – hasn’t he told us several times over the years that he couldn’t believe that we haven’t yet grasped the nettle. Anybody as old as I am would remember that there were moves and agitation pre-WW2 towards a Republic but the War intervened and youthful exuberance – not “King and country” as some like to say/think took over.  I never heard (yes, that’s how old I am) a soldier/sailor/airman say they were going to fight for king and country.  They were very often unemployed (33% unemployed prior to the War during the Great Depression and mostly women could not work) ; it was a job; there would be travel; mates were joining up and “we would be home for Christmas”.
But “do we want a republic” and my suggestion is to start a Party – a Parliamentary Party who could represent our wishes.   The point is – A Party would have leverage in Parliament (see Hanson, Xenophon, etc. etc.) and I do think that there would be many on the Coalition side of politics favouring the Party.  The Labor Party has a Republic on their Agenda – so no trouble there – but we need voices in Parliament…good intelligent voices to make a case for a rapid, orderly move from the Monarchy stage through to an Australian Republic – We need preparation; organisation; Parliamentary publicity; many people to appeal to young people who, dare I say it – don’t take much notice of anything in the media or on TV –  not from the point of view of “what will it do for me” but “it’s a principle”.


The Royals

Let’s get one thing straight: Prince Harry is a most attractive young man who does a good job of whatever he does. Prince William seems to be a good husband/father. So let’s cut out the cringing, fawning, just-like-Diana stuff.
Something else we can face is that Royals may NOT work in a commercial situation, and that’s why they all do charity work. What else can they do to fill their days.
It’s great for charities to have their names on letterheads but it’s only occupying a space in their lives which years ago would have been used to go safari/kill wildlife in Africa; or become Governor General in the Colonies, or lead Charges as in The Charge of the Light Brigade as a titled, inexperienced General.
Harry and William did a good job of joining in Defence activities but now they join the ranks of Royals who do charity work.
So enough of “just like Diana” who died many years ago. Let her RIP and let her sons get on with being productive Royals…how I don’t know.

A Foreign “bird”

A contributor to Col 8, Terry O’Brien, 14 April asked about the foreign bird on the new bank notes …Perhaps I can help out –Could it be QE2 – the “foreign bird “on our bank note, otherwise known as Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England.  And now,  could anyone help me out further – what would be the Latin phrase for the said “foreign bird”?

The Paparazzi

“Paparazzi warned off pursuing George” warns Kate and William. I can sympathise with Kate and William – they obviously want to stop the pursuit of George by the paparazzi and photographers…. as do I.
I will be very happy to see less pictures of a happy, plump, fair headed 14-month old boy child, who looks just like hundreds of thousands of other children.
Thank you Kate and William

Scotland the Brave – defeated again

Over four hundred years ago Scotland was occupied following decades of bloody warfare. Scots were stripped of their dignity, their rights and their pride, even their kilt, and they became part of the “United” Kingdom.

And now that the Independent party lost the referendum, it looks as they’re going to be done over again drowning in a sea of crocodile tears and wallowing in sentiment about what England and Scotland have achieved together despite there being no evidence that Scotland has gained anything in the Union of the two countries except Royals regularly parading and holidaying (in kilts) at Scottish estates.

Poor old Scotland. Born to be beaten on the field of war, stripped of everything they hold dear and relegated once again to a very subservient position.

Corruption in a monarchy

Come on Ruth Bright (letters GW 21 June) – you must be having us on. Bad behaviour, lack of moral values of politicians and … business people. Haven’t you been reading reports of corruption among politicians, police and media (business) people aired for the past several months in England? Hacking into phones; money paid to obtain phone lists etc. etc. You must be joking! And England was a monarchy the last time I looked. Corruption is not confined to republics – no it’s rife in monarchies too. Read your history.