Malcolm’s claim to fame

“You know, I’m still the only Prime Minister to go to Mardi Gras” thus spoke Malcolm Turnbull the morning after – 4 March. If that is your only victory Malcolm as appears likely, I am sorry for you – enjoy your moment of fame.


Water…Water…Water everywhere

The News tells us that South Africa is experiencing a water shortage – tap and drinking water and this reminded me – do we still have a “de sal” plant and is it in working condition?   As sure as God made little green apples we can bank on a drought earlier rather than later and will our de sal be in working order? Has it been maintained? We need to know because our trust in this government is fast evaporating…faster than our water.

Sydney vs Melbourne – enjoy the differences

Learning to swim your own race” (SMH Julie Lewis 1 Jan) but what about other activities…and I refer to the constant Melbourne/Sydney comparisons. The latest?   The NYE fireworks and the constant comments from Melbourne presenter (ABC) that Melbourne will beat Sydney; Melbourne is spending more on fireworks, etc. etc. This comparison extends into every walk of life. Melbourne, as a Sydneysider I can assure you that I do not compete with you as you constantly compete with Sydney. Enjoy your own very attractive city, your trams, your buildings (kept from demolition), your cute lanes, your flat city so easy to urbanise, your wide streets (Sydney was built on 1788 meandering cattle tracks). I can assure you I can admire you but I don’t envy you. I will keep what we have – the Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, our history even if you did purchase Capt Cook’s cottage and plant it in your gardens  though Cook never got within a cooee of Victoria, the beaches, etc. etc. So stop comparing the two cities – enjoy what you have – we enjoy what we have.

Our Developers

“Demolishing Darlo Road: etc. etc.” SMH 28 Dec. We really are a materialistic/selfish people – Australians that is. Why do we keep these developers to ourselves? I feel sure London, New York, Paris could do with their skills – rationalised and explained as usual. Perhaps we could throw in, in the spirit of giving, Gladys and the rest of the State Government.
After destroying the atmospheric and ageing parts of Sydney, our developers could go on to do the same with The Champs-Elysees and surrounding ageing parts of Paris (Paris is only 2 centuries old); then what about around Westminster Abbey, Parliament House, Museums, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, etc. – in London and then, what joy for them to be given New York to “make over” the “decaying” parts.
After that we could heave a sigh of relief, pat ourselves on the backs and tell ourselves what a good job we have done of “modernising” these old places, and that the world is better off for our unselfish ways…and so are our politicians.

Equality – one equality against another

I have just read the Inner West Courier with a great deal of annoyance (no, anger) and especially ALP, Liberals unite, if only for top jobs – 26 Sept. So much for “equality” with Greens Councillor Tom Kiat trying to put through a policy to waive fees for same-sex marriages (SSM) to use Council halls and community centres apparently with the connivance of Darcy Byrne..
Does this Council not realise that in passing this motion it is absolutely against “equality”?
Why do they think that SSM should not pay the same fees (“equality”) as the rest of the community for the use of Council properties which are also owned by me and others not SSM.
And Mayor Byrne and T Kiat,  I suggest that you cut out the rhetoric (“fundamental to civil rights”) and consider who is paying your salary – all the ratepayers of the area and if they can put you in – they can toss you and others out. Just for once try to think with your heads and forget the emotional promotion we have been subjected to over the past few weeks.

Martin Place siege

The Martin Place siege and tragic aftermath and criticism are now behind us and we have the Coroner’s Report:
Families have been understandably upset and complained that the police relied too much on various people such as a psychiatrist. Who are they relying on for their knowledge to actually deal with a mad man and a siege situation.  Were they present during the siege?
Give the police a go! One person killed by a richochet and one murdered by the madman – look at massacres in other situations around the world.
The Coroner was remarkably balanced and necessarily unemotional and I applaud his judgement.   The police were not to blame for the situation but he offered various suggestions in case of another such incident –
If a different scenario would his suggestions be appropriate.   Surely every situation is different and needs different answers.

Housing problems

George Morgan – SMH 12 April, (Barista with a Master’s is a problem we need to solve). Just think back a few years and remember when kids left school at or about 15 years…they worked for a few years and matured and in the late teens/early 20s woke up and wanted a home/house. They then set out to get one, saving and working. It’s the same thing now but later – some kids are not leaving school until 19 and later and then they have to mature and wake up to the facts of life and start saving, working, cutting out overseas holidays, etc. etc. Not much difference just a few years later than the previous generation with the same problem… but the media and the politicians have created a really big problem about it. And what about the 60,000 houses vacant in NSW – what will they do about them?