RIGHT TO privacy?

And now it’s another politician claiming right to privacy…this time it’s Gladys about one of her MPs.
Gladys – and the rest of the politicians – don’t you realise that when you take my taxes – taxpayer funding – you are responsible to me and to the electorate for your actions. .. Along with the rorts, the cars, the big pay  there is a downside – you lose your right to privacy and it’s time you realised it.
Politicians – GROW UP.


Free Speech

Reading Letters to the Editor SMH 16 Jan about the Margaret Court episode…What comes through to me is that most contributors and Margaret Court should, indeed are entitled to, right to free speech – BUT only when it conforms to their requirements/views in public speeches.  Raises the question- is this free speech.


The question of the day – to continue the hundreds of years old tradition of the Seal of the Confession in the Catholic Church? What next when this matter is settled to the satisfaction of some anti-everything-religious members of Parliament? The sacred trust between lawyer and client? the confidentiality between doctors and patients? or God forbid! – the right to keep confidential the matter between journalists and sources. It will be interesting to see what eventuates in these matters – we have seen in the past the right of journalists to keep confidential their sources and no doubt we will “progress” in the other matters.

Chelsea and Donald

Poor WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning – released from gaol after seven years (SMH 18 May) for doing much the same thing – disclosure of intelligence matter – as the President of the USA. But Donald will tough it out and build up his ego without doing time in any form.


19th January 2017, the 40th anniversary of the dreadful train crash at Granville and descendants are calling for apologies. Am I cynical because the thought crossed my mind “the lawyers can’t be far behind with class action claims”.
And that reminds me that as a descendant of convicts, Irish Catholic into the bargain, surely I could have grounds for a class action to get into the public purse. Surely I can make a case for the trauma I suffered as an Irish Catholic descendant of convicts …Surely.   And the discrimination I experienced over the years because of this self same situation.
A “good” lawyer should be able to make a case for me and other descendants of Irish Catholic Convicts to claim against our Government or the British Government – why leave the money grabbing to politicians.
See how ridiculous it has become when everybody can make a case for discrimination, trauma, persecution, etc. etc.

Rorts and the political class

Mafia has nothing on the political class in this country and the rorting seems to go up and up into the very heights of the Parties. E.g. Unlawful donations: The Canberra-based organisation, the Free Enterprise Foundation – rings a bell. Wasn’t that the organisation associated with Joe Hockey, now lording it in Washington and escaping the mess he left behind.
How did he escape – or was the Ambassador-ship payment for his keeping quiet.
I know… their rorting is within the rules, the guidelines, but what about Ethics and morality.