Are other viewers/readers as disgusted as I am at the behaviour of the media pursuing Schapelle Corby? Guilty or innocent she has done her time and she is surely entitled to be treated with a certain amount of respect and not pursued as if she were an animal out on the African veldt.
What pleasure will viewers/readers get watching a TV interview or listening to her being hounded by media or interviewers. Have some respect or sympathy for another human being and turn off the TV or go to another channel. Don’t watch the harassment of a human being done for ratings and money – even if the whole show appears to be stage managed for profit.


There IS an answer to the Bank Levy furore. If a percentage of top executive/s salaries and bonuses were levied, that would relieve the pressure on banks, be a big plus publicity-wise for the banks and perhaps bring those executives down to an earth the rest of we mortals live on.
After all, those bonuses are supposedly paid on the basis of service and customer satisfaction – need I say more.

Part 2 – Do we want a Republic

Regarding the Republic I suggest that we ask Prince Charles – he may be willing to “Patron” the new Party – hasn’t he told us several times over the years that he couldn’t believe that we haven’t yet grasped the nettle. Anybody as old as I am would remember that there were moves and agitation pre-WW2 towards a Republic but the War intervened and youthful exuberance – not “King and country” as some like to say/think took over.  I never heard (yes, that’s how old I am) a soldier/sailor/airman say they were going to fight for king and country.  They were very often unemployed (33% unemployed prior to the War during the Great Depression and mostly women could not work) ; it was a job; there would be travel; mates were joining up and “we would be home for Christmas”.
But “do we want a republic” and my suggestion is to start a Party – a Parliamentary Party who could represent our wishes.   The point is – A Party would have leverage in Parliament (see Hanson, Xenophon, etc. etc.) and I do think that there would be many on the Coalition side of politics favouring the Party.  The Labor Party has a Republic on their Agenda – so no trouble there – but we need voices in Parliament…good intelligent voices to make a case for a rapid, orderly move from the Monarchy stage through to an Australian Republic – We need preparation; organisation; Parliamentary publicity; many people to appeal to young people who, dare I say it – don’t take much notice of anything in the media or on TV –  not from the point of view of “what will it do for me” but “it’s a principle”.


Mass killings and stoicism

While we are rightly lauding the stoicism and courage of Londoners during the current tragedy, how about some back slapping for Melbourne following the recent similar tragedy which saw – how many – people killed and injured. And no doubt Melbournians went off to work the next day – just as will Londoners. I have yet to see/hear anything about Melbourne and their reaction and courage after that horrific so-similar event. The hyperbole is amazing – think Paris, think Brussels.

Rupert and the ABC

Rupert appears to have quietly taken over the ABC without a shot being fired after so many years of trying to kill off the ABC..
Ms Guthrie who seems to be “managing” the ABC came through the Newscorp mill, many of the stalwarts of the ABC are leaving, that old ploy is in effect – hire consultants – two have been appointed – one from Foxtel/Sky News (Murdoch owned?) and the other an “expert” to conduct a wide ranging review of the ABC’s operations. Will we end up a clone of Rupert’s operations? Where now integrity and relative un-bias. I dread the results.

The Royal Commission on Child Abuse

As a Catholic I am distraught at the figures coming out of the Royal Commission on Child Abuse in the Catholic Church but I reserve my greatest condemnation for the people at the top of the tree who covered up this disgraceful crime over the years. They were entrusted with leading the Church and they betrayed it and me and the people in the Church.
I am bleeding for the many, many priests, brothers and nuns I have known over my life – good, compassionate people who put their heart and soul into their vocations and now must endure the criticisms, abuse, distrust from people who formerly gave them trust and respect. And the clergy and teachers who gave me and dozens of people in my extended family, a great and happy childhood and education. And those looked after by generations of teachers and nurses in third world countries and who often died for their Faith..
No, I did not attend an elite school – I was a disadvantaged child in a disadvantaged school in a disadvantaged area but I had the advantage of a sympathetic, comprehensive schooling from nuns who tutored me.
Perhaps it’s time for some perspective. If a small firm down the street showed a 10% figure taking part in a crime, that could be, say 2 people. If say, BHP had a similar percentage – 2% – taking part in the same crime – that could be hundreds or thousands but the crime would be the same, the percentage of criminals the same.
With an organisation as numerous as The Church, with thousands of priests, brothers and nuns involved over many years under the Commission’s Review – what would be the percentage of those involved in these disgusting crimes, compared to, say the aggregate of any of the many other organisations undoubtedly coming up for more discussion on the floor of the Commission within the next few weeks.
I do look for some perspective on this awful matter but I doubt it I will get it from the media…it wouldn’t make as good a story and wouldn’t satisfy the bias of some in the media.