The ABC  is an indulgence we can no longer afford – Harry Stutchbury wrecks all his arguments (Opinion 19 June) when he uses as part of his arguments – Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Telstra…add in posts and wires, The Powerhouse and all the other assets privatised supposedly in our favour.  Harry, surely you don’t really think that we the taxpayer gained from any government privatisation in these asset sales now or in the future…. or do you still believe in (the juvenile myth) fairies at the bottom of the garden?  Harry – grow up!


The De-Sal plant

Received my water bill today – no surprise but amongst all the promotional stuff – what’s led to the situation in Capetown, Could this happen in Sydney, What are we doing to secure our supply, not one word about our multi-million dollar de-salination plant. Does anyone know if we have one now; does it work, why don’t we hear about it and will it work when (not if) we have a drought.

Diana’s wedding dress

I read with interest the 20 May Sunday Life (royal wedding dresses issue) and once again wondered when our “independent” media will have the courage to say the truth – Diana’s wedding dress was a disaster. There was an audible gasp that ran around the world when she alighted from the carriage at the Church in all it’s over-blown, crushed– fabric OTT design”. And while we are at it – when are we going to let the woman RIP – after all it’s 20 years and her sons may think about her but the rest of us have more to do.

The Wedding

I am quite ashamed of you Julia Baird (Opinion 21 May)
I am surprised that you would succumb to the current hysteria. Julia, it was the wedding of Harry and Meghan not a show on worldwide stage for Michael Curry.
I have long heard that for ministers – If you don’t strike oil in 5 mins – stop boring – and unfortunately Michael Curry had not heard this dictum and we endured science, fire, Martin Luther King, the Bible and very little about the wedding of Harry/Meghan – a commitment between two people before their family and friends . That is marriage not a floor show for the minister.
I can excuse Michael Jensen on the same page – he probably feels that he must support a fellow religious but you, Julia, ….

Diana – R.I.P.

“Thrice the worry: etc.” And congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of another Royal but heavens above! Could we lay off the constant references to Diana – now dead for 20 years.
On commercial TV there was the usual schmaltz and it was with relief that I noted that the ABC refrained from referring to Diana as the model for the young Royals.
But in today’s SMH 25 April,  there it is again – a piece on “Duchess channels Diana on red carpet”.   Does anyone really believe that Kate came to after giving birth, and asked William to bring her a red outfit – like Diana’s, to wear home?
Kate appears to be a confident, cool, happy in her own skin person and I really don’t think she is channelling a dead mother-in-law she never knew.
Come on, media, it’s time to let Diana RIP – I am sure that I am not the only person tired of the sloppy, lazy media references.

School funding – again

What a lot for my mind to digest (Funding gap leaves public schools with 30% shortfall – SMH 12 April) but I think I have arrived at a kernel of truth in the mass of figures: Govt funding represented 96% of the total net recurrent income of public schools and 80%   of the net income of Catholic schools in 2016 but only 45% of total income of private schools. In 2016 the state’s private schools raised nearly $11,000 a student from fees, charges, contributions and other private sources on top of their total govt funding of $9054 a student.
Does this sound right, Paliavi Singhal, writer of the article?