What do some of our contributors to local papers  want in the future? An education system that produces all of the same?   Do we want “the great equaliser” or do we want people with different and flexible minds and able to think outside the box.
I was reminded of this with one of the letters to the Editor SMH – “I believe that ….always been the great equaliser of society” – SMH 7 May. Where will we get our rebels, our different thinkers, our philosophers, our progressives, our fighters for the rights of the disadvantaged, etc. from such an “equal” society?


Mayoral medieval get-up

Is there some reason not obvious to the person in the street, for mayors of councils to wear and prance around in the most elaborate of medieval costumes worthy of a comic opera.
I do notice that even the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition do not wear such outlandish gear – why do Mayors?  Do they really hanker to be British Mayors in medieval towns

Politicians and Oscars

There’s no doubt about it – our politicians deserve Oscars for acting and I give you two who qualify: Mike Baird, all choir boy innocence  – not leaving politics to “spend time with his family” the usual excuse – No! He was leaving to look after his Mother or was it his sister? – and he put it over so well – until he took up a well paid job almost immediately with NAB – you know – one of the four Big Banks currently answering awkward questions at the Royal Commission.
Then we have Barnaby Joyce. He finessed his role as a country hayseed, took a partner while still married and now wants to take an interview fee of $150K “to go into a trust fund for his son”.   No mention of his $200,000+ backbench salary and no doubt Partner’s Maternity Leave payment…Oh no it’s all pathos – no bathos – with Barnaby. He must provide for his son and that’s why he’s doing an interview for money. I nominate Mike and Barnaby for the next Oscars….or Logies….or…


Paul Lau – Letters 11 May SMH, is “baffled … back burnings do not effectively control fierce bushfires”.
Don’t be baffled Paul – leave the job of protecting us and our properties to the experts – I will.  Incidentally Paul, bushfires are burning in SW of West Australia – there seems to be no season for them and so – we can expect back-burning often.
By the way Paul, what are your qualifications to answer our bushfire needs or is it only the tourists you worry about.

The De-Sal plant

Received my water bill today – no surprise but amongst all the promotional stuff – what’s led to the situation in Capetown, Could this happen in Sydney, What are we doing to secure our supply, not one word about our multi-million dollar de-salination plant. Does anyone know if we have one now; does it work, why don’t we hear about it and will it work when (not if) we have a drought.

Diana’s wedding dress

I read with interest the 20 May Sunday Life (royal wedding dresses issue) and once again wondered when our “independent” media will have the courage to say the truth – Diana’s wedding dress was a disaster. There was an audible gasp that ran around the world when she alighted from the carriage at the Church in all it’s over-blown, crushed– fabric OTT design”. And while we are at it – when are we going to let the woman RIP – after all it’s 20 years and her sons may think about her but the rest of us have more to do.

The Wedding

I am quite ashamed of you Julia Baird (Opinion 21 May)
I am surprised that you would succumb to the current hysteria. Julia, it was the wedding of Harry and Meghan not a show on worldwide stage for Michael Curry.
I have long heard that for ministers – If you don’t strike oil in 5 mins – stop boring – and unfortunately Michael Curry had not heard this dictum and we endured science, fire, Martin Luther King, the Bible and very little about the wedding of Harry/Meghan – a commitment between two people before their family and friends . That is marriage not a floor show for the minister.
I can excuse Michael Jensen on the same page – he probably feels that he must support a fellow religious but you, Julia, ….