Some people can’t rid themselves of their bias, can they? Why does Coalition put developers before public? SMH 20 Nov. – a perfectly reasonable question but then the writer falls back on prejudice about relocating Cranbrook or the Kings Schools or a few other private schools .. ….used for intensive housing.
Does the writer have a big block of land that could be resumed together with neighbours’ blocks, for state reasons such as schools? How would they feel if this happened? The land that most of the private schools are on was acquired many, many years ago by supporters for the purpose now held. It was developed by those same supporters, maintained by those same supporters and does not attract govt funding for the facilities. Check it out or ask some of the parents who work so hard to support their schools, or follow their consciences; or simply choose which school they will send their young people to.


Paul Sheehan and the Budget

Thank you Paul Sheehan (Protest vote counts in the age of cynicism – Comment SMH, 19 May). I did wonder if you would let me down in the matter of the budget commentary but, no! You stood firm. While the rest of the commentators were dissecting the Budget and its effect on the populace, you almost ignored the Budget in your obsession to have a go at Labor.
Not a mention of the PM carrying on a three way conversation behind Joe’s back, laughing and trying to take the spotlight away from Joe; not a word about the possible effect of the Budget on the voters – No! You took a stick to the Leader of the Opposition and did a lengthy critique on his speech.
I must say that it’s good to know that there is one commentator who will not allow rational thought to get in the way of his obsessions.