Martin Place siege

The Martin Place siege and tragic aftermath and criticism are now behind us and we have the Coroner’s Report:
Families have been understandably upset and complained that the police relied too much on various people such as a psychiatrist. Who are they relying on for their knowledge to actually deal with a mad man and a siege situation.  Were they present during the siege?
Give the police a go! One person killed by a richochet and one murdered by the madman – look at massacres in other situations around the world.
The Coroner was remarkably balanced and necessarily unemotional and I applaud his judgement.   The police were not to blame for the situation but he offered various suggestions in case of another such incident –
If a different scenario would his suggestions be appropriate.   Surely every situation is different and needs different answers.

Gladys and buses

Over 700 breakdowns of buses according to Berejiklian and Constance – but my question is WHY/ Why are the faults in the buses not attended to? Is it because – as a bus driver said to me – that Gladys was getting ready to sell off the bus lines (note “lines” not just the current lines under discussion). Will private bus lines be better maintained and if not will those bus lines be subject to condemnation or even returned to the government?  No way!!!   Is it intended to privatise ALL buses?  Will we be told – no!!!!

Complaints, complaints

The complaining about the Coalition’s actions in government has started – as was inevitable. Stop your complaining – did you think you were voting for Santa Claus? Did you think that Tony and Christopher, and Julie etc would really give a “tinker’s curse” (an old expression) about you when they attained the government front benches and The Lodge? You were the last thing on their minds as they celebrated the return of the born-to-rule Party to power.
It will be interesting to see how many people say “I didn’t vote for Tony” in the coming months as drastic measures are brought in.
But remember – For two years they will hit you hard and then in the third year there will be tax cuts and sweeteners.
Like Coalition members, I refer to the Howard era when this was the norm and the sheep out in voter-land will be expected to forget the nasties and think only of their hip pocket – and this is just what Tony and Party can count on.