Who’s running the USA – Trump or Israel

In any other forum in the world a vote of 128 against (Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital) – with just 9 for the declaration and 35 abstentions (128-9) would carry the vote. But not in the UN and not with the USA/Trump in full cry.
I feel that I am seeing a reminder of 1933 and A Hitler trampling on the laws of the country, with Trump’s threats to refuse funding to any who oppose him.
Where are we headed? where is the USA headed? I can see where we are headed – anywhere the USA takes us.


Energy and where goes the gas

Pardon my ignorance of things scientific but isn’t GAS a source of energy, and don’t we (Australia) have many many years of gas deposits available? Oh No! That’s another asset sold off like petroleum, to overseas interests to the disadvantage of Australia…
When will someone here come up with the idea that we should access our own gas supplies and use them in our quest for energy.
Makes me think of subterranean water – of which we have millions and millions of litres but now it’s being siphoned off and actually sold overseas – from the driest continent on earth. One day we will be looking for this water and where will it be? and who will have the profits? And who authorised the sale of this water anyway?

Water, water

Mr Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture – did I really see a piece in the paper recently about a person extracting 1000s & 1000s of litres of water from Australia’s underground supply and on-selling it overseas.
Could this be true? Will we be again in the position of being the supplier of a natural resource (e.g. oil, gas) only to have to buy it back for our own use here at vastly inflated prices…think gas.
Now water?
And in December I saw a piece on the ABC about the CSIRO working on finding the best soils for agriculture only to be held back by the lack of water.
What is wrong with us? Don’t we have a brain in our heads? Or are our political leaders totally corrupt and looking to find the best places to sell off our resources and ensure their own futures.
I would dearly love to have a true and honest reply about this matter Mr Barnaby. Who looks after Australia if not our politicians and I very much doubt that they do – in fact with the stories of corruption being discovered by Authorities like ICAC I wonder if we are any better than the openly corrupt third world countries of Africa.
Who gave permission to sell this resource more precious than gold?  And Mr Barnaby in your capacity of Minister for Agriculture explain the sale of our most precious resource and who actually gets the “dough”.  Smells rather Obeid-ish?


Malcolm promises that there will be an independent Tribunal to oversee the financial activities of MPs such as the recent Sussan Ley (“entitlements”) fiasco. Why not go the whole way Malcolm and appoint a Federal ICAC demanded by most of the Federal Parliament and I would suggest most of the public, except for the Coalition (one wonders why?).
“Big cultural change” he promises: when Malcolm?

Rorts and the political class

Mafia has nothing on the political class in this country and the rorting seems to go up and up into the very heights of the Parties. E.g. Unlawful donations: The Canberra-based organisation, the Free Enterprise Foundation – rings a bell. Wasn’t that the organisation associated with Joe Hockey, now lording it in Washington and escaping the mess he left behind.
How did he escape – or was the Ambassador-ship payment for his keeping quiet.
I know… their rorting is within the rules, the guidelines, but what about Ethics and morality.

Confusion reigns

I must admit to great confusion caused by our political masters.
In the matter of the Royal Commission into Unions’ Corruption the crime seems to be that commercial interests bribed union officials. I easily understand that if I offer a bribe to a policemen and it is accepted he/she will be charged with bribery as would I for offering it – this premise is accepted.
So why are commercial interests fronting the Royal Commission in Melbourne not charged with offering a bribe as should they be and as should the acceptor. Surely there is not one law for bribery – the acceptor and not for the offeror.
I would not like to think (tongue in cheek) that this Royal Commission is indeed a political stunt to “get the Unions”.
Another matter leading to confusion is the Slipper affair. Why wasn’t his offer to reimburse the amount of less than $1000 for his mnisuse of government car/charge cards when around the same time it seemed that almost every Coalition Member of Parliament had agreed to repay misused “entitlements” – everybody from the then-PM down. Makes you wonder doesn’t? Was it another case of what’s good for one lot of MPs is not good for anybody else.
And the final cause of my confusion? The term “The Honourable” for MPs. This is really quite ironic…even more so when I think that the media has not taken up any of these points.