Diana – eternally

For Heavens sake! “By the woman behind her style” and so it goes on in the media. Will the media never allow Diana to RIP? What next – the woman who did her laundry? The men she knew (perhaps not!)? I have had enough of Diana Spencer and surely it’s time to let her go and stop using her to make money in the media. Diana RIP.


Missing inspiration

There’s one voice missing during the current London tragedy – the same voice that was missing 20 years ago when her silence was noted and she was pushed into an appearance to watch Diana’s funeral. Where is QE2 during this London tragedy? Have I missed her in the frantic media hyperbole?

Rupert and the ABC

Rupert appears to have quietly taken over the ABC without a shot being fired after so many years of trying to kill off the ABC..
Ms Guthrie who seems to be “managing” the ABC came through the Newscorp mill, many of the stalwarts of the ABC are leaving, that old ploy is in effect – hire consultants – two have been appointed – one from Foxtel/Sky News (Murdoch owned?) and the other an “expert” to conduct a wide ranging review of the ABC’s operations. Will we end up a clone of Rupert’s operations? Where now integrity and relative un-bias. I dread the results.

The Royals

Let’s get one thing straight: Prince Harry is a most attractive young man who does a good job of whatever he does. Prince William seems to be a good husband/father. So let’s cut out the cringing, fawning, just-like-Diana stuff.
Something else we can face is that Royals may NOT work in a commercial situation, and that’s why they all do charity work. What else can they do to fill their days.
It’s great for charities to have their names on letterheads but it’s only occupying a space in their lives which years ago would have been used to go safari/kill wildlife in Africa; or become Governor General in the Colonies, or lead Charges as in The Charge of the Light Brigade as a titled, inexperienced General.
Harry and William did a good job of joining in Defence activities but now they join the ranks of Royals who do charity work.
So enough of “just like Diana” who died many years ago. Let her RIP and let her sons get on with being productive Royals…how I don’t know.

The Royals

Catching up on WWs, I opened up the magazzine and there were pages and pages of the Royal Visit and while I am happy to welcome them to my country (they seem like a very nice couple) I am heartily sick and tired of hearing Kate compared to Diana. Kate seems like an intelligent young woman – her own person – with a good education. This is quite different to Diana who, if I remember correctly – did not have any educational experience/qualifications at all.
The comparisons are ridiculous – Kate’s dress when leaving the hospital with the baby – with comments that it was like Diana’s. Yes, it had an opening for head and two sleeves but that was the extent of the similarity.
And charity work espoused by the young Royals – “like Diana”. For heaven’s sake – what can the royals do but be patrons of charities and appear at appropriate times to “sell” that particular charity? That’s what royals do.
And a light-on-brains presenter (allegedly a senior in his TV organisation) waffled on that William, doing a 12 week course in farming, would be able to give tips to Australian farmers (NB: El Nino and drought etc.)
Aren’t presenters given any briefing before talking about the royals?
Yes, I am a Republican but I will welcome this younger generation of Royals and Charles and Camilla, as honoured visitors if they come this way again.
And I hope and pray that publications such as WW and others will allow Diana to RIP.


Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, eight months pregnant, has done her last pre-birth public duty. She looked happy and very sure of herself, contented as she should be. So will the media please allow her to be her own woman and not constantly compare, and refer to the deceased Princess of Wales.
Kate is stable, well educated, very stylish. She is so different from Diane and if she is at all human she must resent being compared to her mother-in-law, Diana, dead or alive. Hopefully she will not display any of the instability of her deceased predecessor. So please give her a break. Give us a break and let the poor woman, Diane, RIP.