There IS an answer to the Bank Levy furore. If a percentage of top executive/s salaries and bonuses were levied, that would relieve the pressure on banks, be a big plus publicity-wise for the banks and perhaps bring those executives down to an earth the rest of we mortals live on.
After all, those bonuses are supposedly paid on the basis of service and customer satisfaction – need I say more.


Influential parents

Poor Frances (Abbott)! She does indeed appear to be “a nice girl… good family, works hard…” (News SMH, 22 May) but it just happens that her father, the Prime Minister, is a friend of the Chairman of the Board of Whitehouse Institute of Design who made this acute and definitive assessment of her and her qualifications for a $60,000 scholarship to the Institute.
What he didn’t say was that she was intelligent and if she were she would certainly have refused this nepotic gesture because she obviously can’t leave intelligent, ethical decisions to her father.
I do wonder how many other candidates could be assessed in the same way with perhaps some mention of their actual skill and qualifications.