The vultures of the Press

Could we please have a 2018 Resolution…that those vultures of the media – predominantly female but there are some males – be taken to task by their employers and kept away from outside Courts, homes, etc. Their questions are inane ( what did you think you saw the dead body; did you kill the victim;) and I would expect that even if the poor victims of the media pack, were to answer, their answers would not be accepted in a Court of Law. So how about it media bosses?   Call a halt to the scrums outside homes, Courts, etc. etc. keep the vultures back in the office where they could attend classes on how to be genuine journalists.
Are these scrums used by the boss back in the newsroom as training for the hopeless young journalists.
I don’t really think that Freedom of the Press means harassment and car chasing down the street asking inane questions, in high, high heels.


Freedom of the Press????

Is this what “Freedom of the Press” means – and I refer to the disgusting exhibition of media frenzy surrounding the arrival of Cardinal George Pell at the Court in Melbourne. He at least behaved with dignity but I can’t castigate enough the behaviour of the media. Surely there should be some protection against the harassing of people attending courts. Surely the owners of the media are ashamed at the way their people behave – pushing their microphones into the face of the person, asking silly questions (What did you think when you saw the body), chasing after cars running down the street asking the same silly questions at the car windows (unfortunately this seems to be the prerogative of young – usually blonde – women in high heels .
Do they really expect that they will be answered? Is there any law that could keep these awful people back, like an AVO to operate at say 10 ft.
Unfortunately this isn’t the only instance of vulture-feeding at a media frenzy – it happens at any outside-court appearance of notables.
Was the effort worth it if this is what we achieved?  It makes me so ashamed.

Opponents – not enemies

This morning (Tuesday) I heard a Liberal Party member refer to the ALP as “the enemy”.
Just a moment there – does that mean that the Libs reckon that if you don’t agree with their political views, you are an “enemy”? No freedom of opinion. No different opinions? A political dictatorship? Shades of A Hitler?
I have heard this description several times lately – the Libs should remember that ALP parliamentarians/voters are also Australians and are trying to be good Australians and make this country better and happier…they simply have different views – not necessarily wrong views – just different.
Opponents but never enemies.