Move on Barnaby

“Joyce explains why public should now move on” (SMH 22 Feb)– my heart bleeds – not for you Barnaby, but for my country but I have some advice for you – “Move on Barnaby – move on”.
Basic maths tell me that you were well into your illicit arrangement when you took the campaign trail recently; that you were still in your (real) partner/wife’s home when you were conducting an affair and claiming respect for marriage and morals, so you have committed the most heinous sin by a politician – no, not immorality – but hypocrisy.
So I reiterate Barnaby…if you want no more publicity…go quietly. MOVE ON!
What I really couldn’t take would be you with your “partner” as Acting PM and representing my country.



In the current imbroglio concerning The Hon Barnaby Joyce, Leader of the National Party, elected member for Armidale, possible Acting PM of this country, (a bit of irony all of it) I am feeling so angry at the constant refrain “he’s entitled to privacy for personal affairs like the rest of us”. I dispute this.
He was elected to represent people of his electorate; he is paid a healthy salary to sit in Parliament representing them; he is NOT a private person like the rest of us entitled to privacy. In all aspects of his behaviour he has behaved outrageously and without consideration for his position, possibly representing me and others of Australia as Acting PM….and He has failed and he should go.

Who’s running the USA – Trump or Israel

In any other forum in the world a vote of 128 against (Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital) – with just 9 for the declaration and 35 abstentions (128-9) would carry the vote. But not in the UN and not with the USA/Trump in full cry.
I feel that I am seeing a reminder of 1933 and A Hitler trampling on the laws of the country, with Trump’s threats to refuse funding to any who oppose him.
Where are we headed? where is the USA headed? I can see where we are headed – anywhere the USA takes us.

Distractions and diversions in Politics

In the current fracas between Jay Wetherill – quiet, cool (entered Parliament 2002), and Josh Frydenberg – smug and self-satisfied (entered Parliament 2010) I didn’t once hear Frydenberg refer to the closure of Hazelwood Jan/Feb 2018 – Victoria’s dirtiest power plant. I heard Frydenberg and Turnbull refer to the wonderful 50% increase in supply adding to the current 4000 megawatts “when” the expansion of the Snowy Mts Scheme comes to fruition (?) but no mention of the loss of 1500 megawatts from Hazelwood.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if politicians could be open and honest and stop PR’ing all over the place and if the Energy Minister could engender some confidence instead coming over to me as a smug, lightweight.

For Australia’s sake

For Australia’s sake PM don’t do a deal with this most erratic President to salve your own pride in the matter of refugees on Manus Island and Nauru. Do not agree with Trump to enter into his wild, possibly military excursions as we did in Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan and now perhaps China as the price for settling our refugees. Bring them back to Australia and deprive Trump of a bargaining tool..
Take the bull by the horns, and for once, just once, stand up and act as we are always hearing from you, in the manner of Australians – independent, individual, proud.
Just once Malcolm forget that you are a businessman in a board room with the power of a parcel of shares behind you and remember that you are a politician. Look to New Zealand to see how a really, truly, individual and proud country behaves with a bully – or get out.

Schoolyard bully

Sit up straight children – and I mean you Prime Minister and Ministers and Parliamentarians. What have you learned from the drama of the past few days involving that big American bully, Donald…I really don’t know what his parents were doing. They seem to have neglected his social skills absolutely.
Now to return to the lesson, class – what you should have learned, Malcolm as class prefect, and the rest of you, is that if you stand up to bullies they will usually roll over and retreat. They cannot stand up to a strong stand.
So stand together, know your position and you will prevail against school yard bullies.