How often do we see persons –  royalty, VIPs, politicians,  come from a building or in/out of a car and the faithful “somebody” stands by and opens the door?

Do the royal persons, politicians, VIPs, premiers, prime ministers ever say “thank you”? I have watched the scene thousands of times on the news but haven’t yet detected any movement of mouth to say “thank you”.

What a marvellous – whatever…

Ain’t she marvellous? I mean Eman Sharobeem, under pressure to explain financial matters in The Immigrant Women’s Health Service. Regardless of the outcome of the present case I suggest that she would be worthy of a place in any of the Parliamentary Parties in Canberra. She could teach any of them a thing or two in hiding the truth; evading the truth; manipulating the system; blaming everyone else for everything.

Learning the lessons of life

Disappointed to hear a mother on air saying that her son wouldn’t come out of his room apparently disappointed with his HSC results.  Perhaps it’s time in Y12 to teach the lesson that disappointments have to be faced; you can’t ignore them and there will be many more in life – they won’t go away because you shut yourself away.  Maybe it’s the first really big lesson in what life is all about.