In the current imbroglio concerning The Hon Barnaby Joyce, Leader of the National Party, elected member for Armidale, possible Acting PM of this country, (a bit of irony all of it) I am feeling so angry at the constant refrain “he’s entitled to privacy for personal affairs like the rest of us”. I dispute this.
He was elected to represent people of his electorate; he is paid a healthy salary to sit in Parliament representing them; he is NOT a private person like the rest of us entitled to privacy. In all aspects of his behaviour he has behaved outrageously and without consideration for his position, possibly representing me and others of Australia as Acting PM….and He has failed and he should go.


Rorts – are they everlasting?

Fixing a rort – Labor’s family trust policy is innovative” SMH 2 Aug – How do we go about getting rid of Rorts or making them acceptable, Royce Millar?  Perhaps if we loudly shouted “remember Eddie Obeid and his trust supporting several sons” – perhaps then someone would listen and remove this big end of town tax rort.  But does anyone have the intestinal fortitude to tackle this problem?  I doubt it.


I thought with the absence of Tony Abbott we would not have dirty personal attacks from the Libs…remember the disgraceful personal attacks on Julia?
I had hoped that we would have discourse, debate, discussion on the floor of the House but no – it’s the same old…same old…
Listening to Scott Morrison and Simon Birmingham today I realised that there was good reason for voters to turn off politicians – one of many good reasons. No real answers, just useless attack…and as for staying on the subject – don’t hold your breath.
Try staying on the subject fellows (no, include Kelly O’Dwyer in that trilogy)
A question about the weather – what will you get – an attack on Labor – it’s all their fault.
Ask about rain in Central Australia – and it’s Labor’s fault.
Ask about The China Sea – and it’s all down to Labor.
No wonder we the voters/listeners/readers are turned off – and it’s not all Labor’s fault. I don’t think the Govt has a sensible discussion between the whole lot of them.

Water, water

Mr Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture – did I really see a piece in the paper recently about a person extracting 1000s & 1000s of litres of water from Australia’s underground supply and on-selling it overseas.
Could this be true? Will we be again in the position of being the supplier of a natural resource (e.g. oil, gas) only to have to buy it back for our own use here at vastly inflated prices…think gas.
Now water?
And in December I saw a piece on the ABC about the CSIRO working on finding the best soils for agriculture only to be held back by the lack of water.
What is wrong with us? Don’t we have a brain in our heads? Or are our political leaders totally corrupt and looking to find the best places to sell off our resources and ensure their own futures.
I would dearly love to have a true and honest reply about this matter Mr Barnaby. Who looks after Australia if not our politicians and I very much doubt that they do – in fact with the stories of corruption being discovered by Authorities like ICAC I wonder if we are any better than the openly corrupt third world countries of Africa.
Who gave permission to sell this resource more precious than gold?  And Mr Barnaby in your capacity of Minister for Agriculture explain the sale of our most precious resource and who actually gets the “dough”.  Smells rather Obeid-ish?


Malcolm promises that there will be an independent Tribunal to oversee the financial activities of MPs such as the recent Sussan Ley (“entitlements”) fiasco. Why not go the whole way Malcolm and appoint a Federal ICAC demanded by most of the Federal Parliament and I would suggest most of the public, except for the Coalition (one wonders why?).
“Big cultural change” he promises: when Malcolm?

How about a Sweep to clean out the govt front bench

How about a sweep on just who should go from the front bench. Proceeds could go to charity.
I would nominate:

Joe Hockey
Peter Dutton
Kevin Andrews
Eric Abetz
George Brandis
Mathias Cormann

in order of preference.

Isn’t it about time we, the voters, had a go at who sits on the front benches and picks up the big pay check.

An Independent Speaker

What do you mean Fairfax – “An Independent Speaker is now essential” (Sun Herald 1 June). An independent speaker is ALWAYS essential but what we have now is a Party hack – with no apologies, selected as far as I can see just to be Speaker to build up entitlements for a future retirement while giving the Coalition an extra hand..
I have heard MPs refer to the Clerk of the House as the fount of all wisdom – what is wrong with a paid Public Servant with a great knowledge of the workings of Parliament, being appointed Speaker. Someone with no affiliations and biases.
It’s time we got away from the Westminster system – it may work for the UK but how a Speaker here could be divorced from affiliations even if he/she does not attend party room meetings, I don’t know or believe in.