Gladys and buses

Over 700 breakdowns of buses according to Berejiklian and Constance – but my question is WHY/ Why are the faults in the buses not attended to? Is it because – as a bus driver said to me – that Gladys was getting ready to sell off the bus lines (note “lines” not just the current lines under discussion). Will private bus lines be better maintained and if not will those bus lines be subject to condemnation or even returned to the government?  No way!!!   Is it intended to privatise ALL buses?  Will we be told – no!!!!


Government services?

For once I agree with Elizabeth Farrelly – “Post is not meant to make a profit” (Comment SMH 12 June) and neither are services such as public transport, public schooling, universal healthcare, roads, prisons etc.
Why do we have governments if not to oversee the provision of “services” for which they tax us.
Why not give over to private enterprise Defence – after all this is the greatest spender of public money in this country (58 planes in the near future to do what???)
Let’s get back to having a government to actually look after the people, otherwise get rid of the government keeping a few “mandarins” (we could start with the head of the loss-making Australia Post) to occupy those magnificent buildings in Canberra – but get back to providing non-profit-and-loss services to the people of this country.