Are other viewers/readers as disgusted as I am at the behaviour of the media pursuing Schapelle Corby? Guilty or innocent she has done her time and she is surely entitled to be treated with a certain amount of respect and not pursued as if she were an animal out on the African veldt.
What pleasure will viewers/readers get watching a TV interview or listening to her being hounded by media or interviewers. Have some respect or sympathy for another human being and turn off the TV or go to another channel. Don’t watch the harassment of a human being done for ratings and money – even if the whole show appears to be stage managed for profit.


Mass killings and stoicism

While we are rightly lauding the stoicism and courage of Londoners during the current tragedy, how about some back slapping for Melbourne following the recent similar tragedy which saw – how many – people killed and injured. And no doubt Melbournians went off to work the next day – just as will Londoners. I have yet to see/hear anything about Melbourne and their reaction and courage after that horrific so-similar event. The hyperbole is amazing – think Paris, think Brussels.

What a joke! Once again gambling giants and TV executives are trying to tell the public that they will police content on commercial TV.
I believe that it was in the ‘60s Commercial TV was regulated and allowed limited advertising in breaks in programmes. Then they claimed that they would “self regulate” and what do we have? So much advertising that many of us prefer to stop watching; record so that we can cut out advertising; read; go away for our “tea break”; watch non-commercial channels – anything to get away from up to nine commercials in the body of a show. Maybe that’s why book sales have not plummeted.
”Self regulate”! What a joke! Surely the joke of the century. And self regulation in gambling, greyhound racing, TV – reasonable advertising, are all part of that JOKE.

An Impertinence

Who was the impertinent reporter who queried Gladys Berejiklian about her single state and what effect it would have on her position?
What did that have to do with anything at all? Would the person ask a man if he were single and what effect that would have on his position?
Come into 2017 whoever you are. And no I am not a Liberal voter and yes, I am a woman…and yes, I fulfilled the position of a single mother despite not now being married…. and I was/am a successful mother.

An opening door

Now that Donald Trump has rescinded the USA’s part in the Pacific Treaty, this may be a Godsend. Perhaps now our politicians will find back bones and stand up and say ”we will make our own treaties. We will stand on our own feet. We can make some decisions for ourselves”. Am I hopelessly hopeful?

ETHICS AND TONY???????????

He must be joking! Was Tony Abbott speaking tongue in cheek when he berated a media person (a woman no less) recently and lectured her on the necessity for both the media and politicians to be ethical in their remarks and questions. Tony Abbott for heavens sake, after the treatment he meted out to a previous PM and the sexist, unethical words he used and his behaviour in the House. Remember the placards? Oh dear! He must be joking.
And bye the bye – what was the media reaction – almost nothing!